TRILUX illuminates work spaces

The world is changing. New office worlds are being created from old workplaces. Fixed structures are being dissolved and adapted to the needs of individuals. Digitalisation allows for new forms of work, leading to more individual working hours, more flexible working methods and variable work locations.

This transition means that office concepts are facing new challenges in creating optimum conditions for users that increase well-being and inspire top performance. The opportunity lies in providing a wide spectrum of possibilities for fulfilling these diverse needs – open-plan offices, desk sharing, meeting points and different work rhythms, and frequently everything at once. Quite a lot at the same time? True, but for us it's simple.


illuminates Eureka moments

New office concepts mean we must face the task of combining individual needs with the uniform lighting of complete offices. Also, working hours are becoming increasingly flexible and therefore require lighting solutions for any time of day and night. Bicult® provides the solution. The personally adjustable direct component illuminates the desk according to the preferences of the user while a unique, glare-free uplight creates uniform general lighting. This is ideal for all forms of work: whether alone and concentrated or dynamically in a team, Bicult® is as flexible as the working ways of modern office environments.

Highlight Mylight

Classic structures in offices are becoming a thing of the past – modern lighting systems are therefore important that feature high flexibility and individual setting options. The new TRILUX Bicult® LED is revolutionising office lighting: the desktop luminaire generates individual, standard-compliant lighting for highly diverse office concepts in modern worlds of work. The luminaire scores points by bringing together personalised direct lighting with glare-free, uniform indirect lighting. Light sequences and personal preferences can be remotely controlled in a contemporary way and very simply called up at each luminaire - ideal for both today's and tomorrow's office environments.

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illuminates team flow

Whether design thinking or collaborating in think tanks, new creative methods demand teamwork. Whether for large or small teams, the continuous-line-capable Parelia® is the optimum solution for successfully developing ideas, and with its ability to be installed parallel to the building axis, it fulfils all requirements of modern, aesthetic architectural concepts. With its special design, Parelia® enables glare-free and reflection-free work on the latest tablets and smartphones and is therefore the ideal partner for the digital future of modern office environments.

Parallel light for lateral thinkers

For the optimal display of interiors, modern architecture demands lighting solutions that can adapt to the design of the room. Parelia® LED facilitates efficient illumination of several workstations with just one luminaire and also supports the look of the architecture: it can be installed parallel to the building axis and as a continuous line. The light ingress from the sides means that reflections on smooth surfaces are avoided to create optimum conditions for working with tablets and smartphones. Welcome to the future.

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Luceo Slim

illuminates triumphs

Flexibility and dynamism are the preconditions for new and ingenious ideas. Be it a shared working space or a start-up, modern office concepts are as variable as they are innovative. They are found in lofts, sheds, garages and cafés – the office worlds of tomorrow will not stop at extraordinary surroundings. To optimally illuminate highly different spaces, Luceo Slim is a flexible solution that can be expanded as desired in terms of length and functionality and is therefore future-proof – for ideas that work sustainably.

Caution! Only for: open-plan offices, medium-sized offices, small offices, ...

Modern office and educational facilities place maximum demands in terms of quality of light, functionality and design. Luceo Slim LED with its wide, uniformly illuminated light emission surface creates glare-free lighting and simultaneously sets visual accents. Installed as an individual luminaire or as a continuous line it achieves a pleasant spatial atmosphere with its uniform direct and indirect lighting. It is also highly future-proof and variable: the modular configuration options and dockable supplementary functions such as sensors mean that special solutions become standard.

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illuminates networking

The work environments of tomorrow have one thing in common: they are diverse. Whether a shared working space in a café, a shared office in an attractive loft or desk sharing in an open-plan office – different work surroundings place completely individual demands on lighting designers, from energy-efficient general lighting to impressive highlighting of grand architecture. Modern office worlds therefore need flexible solutions that function in a modular way and also enable a uniform design. The modular concept of the Sonnos® family optimally illuminates any space and room thanks to its many options in terms of construction form, beam characteristic and mounting, and without losing sight of the big picture. 


Despite its enormous diversity the Sonnos® LED range has a uniform formal language. The purist luminaire design brings a sense of harmony into the overall office arrangement. The modular concept of Sonnos® LED brings together several functions with a uniform design and enables variable application possibilities. Even large projects can be installed with just one product family. Sonnos® LED is efficient from the very start thanks to tool-free installation and disassembly.

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