Smart City meets Smart Lighting

Road lighting will become increasingly intelligent. Not only the diverse advantages of light management systems are utilised, but completely new application options have been created by connectivity and Smart City. Light posts and columns with sensor technology help to locate parking spaces, provide wireless internet access, feature small screens that can be used for city marketing or city tours and serve as "filling stations" for E-bikes and electrically powered cars.

As you can see, TRILUX lighting solutions are not only clever but are becoming increasingly smarter. In the outdoor luminaires sector, TRILUX has been setting standards in the lighting market for over 100 years thanks to its product innovations. Whether it's energy efficiency, connectivity or smart lighting – TRILUX has extensive lighting expertise and supports you in the implementation of customised lighting concepts. We also aim for top quality of service and accessibility.  

Reducing energy costs

Environmentally friendly products

Simple monitoring due to software

Predictive Maintenance

Open interfaces

Reliable communication

Extensive software features

Smart City with TRILUX

Customised, innovative solutions

The close cooperation between TRILUX and proven Smart City experts has created customised, innovative, networked and highly affordable solutions for indoor and outdoor areas.

TRILUX outdoor light management -
light points become an intelligent network

The challenge

Towns and communities can achieve high savings in operating costs by refurbishing their obsolete communal road lighting. However, many decision-takers are still hesitant because upgrading paves the way for the next decades. In addition to the benefits provided by upgrading to energy-efficient LED technology, councils wish to keep all options open regarding current and future network and Smart City applications.

The solution

When upgrading to LED lighting, TRILUX outdoor light management enables many network and Smart City applications to already be implemented without effort. The individual light points are combined to create a wide-area network either via Powerline using the existing power grid or via a wireless 2.4 GHz radio system. Configuring and controlling the luminaires is highly convenient with user-friendly, web-based software and a graphic user interface. "Light according to needs" can be created for example using integrated sensor technology. Intelligent data monitoring gives the operator an overview of the most important system parameters at all times – e.g. the operating state of each individual luminaire in the network.

The result

The TRILUX outdoor light management is a high-performance and user-friendly light management system with high flexibility and transparency. The system enables outdoor luminaires to be simply and conveniently networked, controlled and monitored – this enables municipalities to drastically reduce their operating overheads. Compared to conventional outdoor lighting systems, energy costs alone are reduced by up to 80%. Maintenance effort is also significantly cut. The open interfaces also allow the integration of possible third-party providers for flexibility and future safety.

Powerline light management

Existing electricity grids can be used by Powerline technology for establishing a data transmission network.

Light management radio settings from the office

The user-friendly interface enables configuring, analysing, controlling and monitoring of luminaires from an office. The associated software provides an overview of the complete lighting installation, thereby guaranteeing optimum maintenance planning. All data is transmitted in encrypted form to protect the system from unauthorised access. A PIN code provides further protection from third party access.