Arnsberg municipal works install TRILUX LED solutions at their new location

The identity of the Arnsberg municipal works is inseparable with the concept of water. After all, water supply for the inhabitants is one of the essential services of the communal company. The architecture of Campus Arnsberg, the name of the new municipal authority headquarters, reflects this in the most emotional way – in the glazed design of the facade reflecting the purity of H2O, the large water feature at the entrance and blue accent lighting illuminating the building and outdoor areas.

  • Construction authority
    Arnsberg municipal works
  • Building
    New campus construction for Arnsberg business location
  • TRILUX product series
    Lumena 40 LED
    7402 LED
    Polaron IQ LED

Inperla LP LED
Athenik LP LED
Luceo LED
Liventy Flat LED
Mirona QL LED
ArimoS LED
Amatris LED
Siella LED
Belviso S LED
Lutera 100 LED