Light management for hospitals and care facilities.

In healthcare, light is developing into a competitive factor as well. As a designing element, it is also gaining in importance, just as it is as a therapy-supporting concept.

In healthcare in particular, the suitable, individual illumination concept is of particular importance. It helps the personnel in their work, the patients in their recovery, and – last but not least – the clinic in sustainably improving efficiency. One component in this is a biologically effective illumination that dynamically changes its intensity of light and light colour analogously to daylight.

Not only does this increase the comfort but also the well-being and the healing process, and it furthermore creates an optimal environment for patients and clinical staff. Optionally, it can be combined with an RGB ambience lighting that can by individually

adjusted by patients in accordance with their personal desire and feeling. LiveLink does open up the opportunity to render the stay more pleasant in terms of atmosphere for both patients and guests. Thanks to the light scenes stored in the system, the lighting then switches from bright examination light to subdued light for the conversation with the patient – simply via push-button operation or via touch pad.

But LiveLink can also drastically reduce the electricity costs. For example: Transit areas are a typical, efficiency-oriented application for light control at hospitals. There, where sensors detect very little to no public or patient traffic at night, the system can regulate the LED lighting down to a defined residual light level.