Good vision is the basis for well-being in offices. Optimal lighting solutions ensure high light comfort and low energy costs, and intelligent light management systems and sensor technology are indispensable in such situations.

In the past, light management systems frequently required expensive commissioning and featured complex controls, which left users confused and despondent. As a result the level of offices equipped with light management systems is still quite low.

Installation and commissioning have been significantly simplified and even integrating the lighting system into existing building controls is hardly comparable with previous levels of complexity. Together with presence and brightness sensors, office light

management systems ensure constant lighting levels, in turn benefiting employees with balanced lighting conditions – work at desks becomes easier. Light management systems are extremely adaptable, being simply modified according to personal needs and spatial specifications.

System functionality is determined accordingly: dimming, daylight-dependent control and switching according to occupancy or time provide a wide spectrum of saving options. The intelligence of such light management systems features rapid pay-back, and energy consumption slashed by 85% is also possible.