Machine factory JMBA used to operate in two business premises that were connected by an airlock. Due to lack of space, JMBA decided to build a new business location in Someren (The Netherlands). They contracted TRILUX to equip their new location, that was taken into use by the end of 2019, with sustainable smart LED lighting solutions.

All-in-one partner

Machine factory JMBA was founded in 2012 by owner Jan Meeuws. His vision about their services is very clear: "JMBA wants to provide customers with an A to Z service and we want to act as an all-in-one partner." Meeuws expected the same type of service of his lighting partner for JMBA’s new business location. Meeuws explains: "We wanted sufficient, but above all comfortable light for our new business premises. We are a high-tech company, so the light in which our employees work should be high-tech as well. We love automatization and thus would like to use all existing technological possibilities. TRILUX has understood my wishes in respect to this very well.”


Peter van Duivendijk and Martijn den Besten were involved in the project on behalf of TRILUX. Peter (TRILUX lighting consultant): "I have been in touch on a very regular basis with installer Markkant Elektro and the lighting specialists of the Technische Unie. Together we set up a lighting plan that perfectly met JMBA’s requirements. Our high-quality continuous line luminaires formed the basis for this plan, which included central emergency lighting from Inotec, installation and our light management system LiveLink Premium. We were also able to provide the offices and outdoor areas with smart and sustainable lighting. All parties, from supplier and wholesaler to installer, played an important role in this process."


TRILUX business development manager Martijn den Besten was closely involved in the implementation of light management for JMBA: "As Peter already mentioned, we provided a lighting installation for JMBA, in which our intelligent light management system LiveLink Premium centrally controls the entire lighting installation. Next to that, the cooperation with JMBA was very pleasant. Like Mr. Meeuws has pointed out, they love technology. This gave us the opportunity to provide maximum intelligent lighting service and advice. Our continuous light luminaires based on DALI works with motion and daylight sensors. In addition, JMBA uses our LiveLink Cloud monitoring services. This gives JMBA the possibility to have access and insight into the lighting installation from anywhere and at any time."

The best on the market

Markkant Elektro has installed the lighting. Owner Eric Noten approached several parties in order to find the best price-quality ratio. Eventually he ended up at TRILUX. "Lighting consultant Peter van Duivendijk had a great plan and took all our ideas into consideration as well. This made TRILUX really stand out above other parties, also due to their unique range of continuous line luminaires. This type of LED lighting is absolutely not blinding and can be easily combined with central emergency lighting. This is a great benefit as there is no need anymore to replace the batteries of the emergency lighting every four years."

Successful partnership

JMBA's new business location has been in use for several months now. Owner Jan Meeuws is very satisfied with the lighting plan and the collaboration with all involved parties. "I can monitor everything on my iPad. When I leave the building, I only have to press one button and all the lightings switch into a certain setting automatically and all at once. Absolutely wonderful!". TRILUX looks back on the project with satisfaction and enthusiasm as well: "Thanks to the collaboration with Markkant Elektro and Technische Unie, we have realized a wonderful project with an extensive range of technology including LED lighting, light control, emergency lighting and mounting", according to TRILUX lighting consultant Peter van Duivendijk.

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