A heritage-listed building radiates in new light

The red brickwork building located in the harbour of Ipswich, Suffolk does not indicate the diversity of its interior. Felaw Maltings is the name of the former malthouse situated directly in the harbour district, and the building accommodates a variety of commercial and office spaces.

Among other companies, MLM Consulting Engineers, a well-known design agency in England, also has offices here. It was correspondingly important that light in the heritage-listed spaces is not only efficient but also visually attractive. As a consequence, Bawden Burrows, Head of Building Technology at Felaw Maltings, forwarded the upgrading project directly to TRILUX UK.

Various office rooms were planned that in some cases required complete illumination with artificial light, and in addition to the prestigious reception area, corridors, the open-plan office and meeting rooms were also equipped with new lighting systems.

In excess of 300 luminaires now support daily work in the historic building. The Ipswich Wet Dock constructed in 1842 is one of the largest docks of its type in Great Britain, and the harbour system became the hub for important commercial companies of the era, bringing expansion and wealth to the city. However, the nature of commercial shipping changed in the 1970's and deepwater berths were constructed further down the river.

As a result, the harbour lost its importance and the harbour buildings began to run down. This process of dereliction was halted with the refurbishment of the old building, enabling the municipal landscape to recapture its former, special flair.