TRILUX systems for a London media production company

Design, media and a life in the fast lane: In high-speed London, no one even thinks about stopping. RR Media, an Israeli provider of globally distributed digital media content, feels right at home there. Therefore, the new construction of a media centre of its own in the bustling metropolis was a logical step. At its office of the future, RR Media placed its faith in TRILUX's expertise and lighting technology.

Part of RR Media's business model is combining of content from all over the world into globally usable media and entertainment products. Via Internet, satellite, glass fibre, or mobile telephony technology, the processed material is sent wherever it is needed.

This may be in Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, or even somewhere in Africa. Customers who utilise RR Media's network services include well-known entities such as MTV, Disney and Fox International. In addition to locations in Israel, the US and Romania, the company now also has a presence in London. "In the realisation of the project, RR Media's specifications had to be aligned with the architecture of the new construction

and the requirements posed by modern office lighting," explained Richard Holt, Managing Director of TRILUX UK. At the end of the creative development process, an uncompromising futuristic design was created which did not take a backseat to the technology.

The TRILUX LED luminaires also play a part in this interaction: Fixed in position with thin wire suspensions which also provide the mains supply, the Lateralo Plus appears to float in mid-air. The special optics made of two transparent covers supplies glare-free activating light.

The office luminaire is accompanied by 74 recessed LED spotlights providing accentuating light as well as 28 suspended Polaron luminaires. The ring-shaped LED luminaires, in two different sizes, are suspended above the corridors. Like shining UFOs, they illuminate up the employee lounge and round off the overall avant-garde appearance of the media production office. A real eye-catcher: In places where the specification was too particular for standard luminaires, TRILUX Architectural manufactured four specially designed luminaires named "Zirkel".

They look like the bigger brothers of the significantly smaller Polaron luminaires. The complete lighting installation at RR Media is connected to a light management system which is equipped with presence sensors and daylight-dependent control. 

Compared  to conventional systems, this provides energy savings of at least 80 percent. This clearly illustrates the fact that fascinating luminaire design and impressive efficiency do not have to be contradictions.

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