ITZ - Member of TRILUX Group

Innovation and Technology Center

Management Team

Michael Spall

Executive Director, ITZ

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+49 (2932) 90009791

Horst Rudolph

Head of R&D
(research/advanced projects/platform development)

Tasks within the TRILUX Group
  • Research projects in cooperation with external institutes
  • Technology management with the aim of analysing specific technologies for their level of maturity and usability for the TRILUX Group
  • Pre-developments rendering new technologies applicable for the TRILUX Group
  • Platform and module developments in the LED/OLED sectors
  • Technical specialist support for the Group with regard to electronics, photometry, mechanics and thermal
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+49 (2932) 301556

Sven Müller

Head of Lighting Systems

Tasks within the TRILUX Group
  • Analysis of trends and market developments in the areas of connectivity and light control
  • Hardware and software development for light management/intelligent lighting
  • Technical validation of developed products and systems
  • Establishment of and support for partnerships concerning "intelligent buildings"
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+49 (2932) 301664

Chaled Pausch

Head System Architect

Tasks within the TRILUX Group
  • Establishment of strategic product architecture and modular design
  • Interlinking of roadmaps for products and technology
  • Establishment and promotion of holistic complexity management
  • Support for the analysis of technologies/products
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+49 (2932) 30176616

Klaus Gerke

Head of Project Management and Advanced Quality

Tasks within the TRILUX Group
  • Further development of the Group-wide product development process
  • Management of development projects and ensuring uniform reporting
  • Provision of a central resource pool of project managers
  • Further development of quality pre-planning for the early safeguarding of quality aspects in projects
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+49 (2932) 30176615

Hans-Gerd Kaiser

Head of Laboratories/Standardisation

Tasks within the TRILUX Group
  • Management of laboratories for lighting technology, electrical technology and EMC
  • Timely implementation and coordination of requisite tests and measurements in accordance with the applicable rules of technology
  • Active contribution to national and international standardisation organisations and manufacturer associations
  • Implementation of risk analyses and risk evaluation
  • Continuous training of standardisation content
  • Implementation of product certification with third parties
  • Creation of EC conformity declarations
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+49 (2932) 301393

Thomas Kremer

Head of IP Management

Tasks within the TRILUX Group
  • Protection of innovation via patents, brands and designs
  • Administration of competitor protective rights monitoring
  • Central contact person for all protective rights queries
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+49 (2932) 90009767

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