Ambiella G2 LED – individuality at a low price

The challenge

Whether stairways, corridors, reception areas or relaxation rooms – almost all typical areas where downlights are used have individual lighting requirements which need to be taken into account when upgrading. Depending on the spatial conditions, customised light may be required. At the same time, operator requirements with regard to economic operation must also be considered. In the lower price segment especially though, with downlights it is often the principle of a single solution. As a consequence, many cheaper products do not offer lighting designers and architects the necessary flexibility to create individual lighting solutions.

The solution

TRILUX’s Ambiella G2 LED recessed downlight combines cost efficiency with functional flexibility to provide an outstanding value for money. In addition to low investment costs, a 25,000 hour lifespan and luminous efficiency in excess of 80 lm/W provides economic operation. The luminaire's timeless design and intelligent options with regard to luminous flux levels and construction sizes also enables individual solutions. This also applies to sanitary areas thanks to IP44 protection.

The result

The Ambiella G2 LED represents economy and flexibility and is popular with both operators and lighting designers. This makes it the optimum LED refurbishment solution for various functional building sections. Ranging from corridors and entrance areas to wash rooms, the Ambiella G2 LED enables extensive refurbishment projects to be realised both cost-efficiently and in a single design.

A diverse luminaire for individual solutions

The Ambiella G2 LED recessed downlight has is suitable for a range of applications and gives lighting designers complete flexibility: whether in corridors, reception areas or relaxation rooms, its timeless design and intelligent selection options with luminous flux levels and construction sizes mean the luminaire is a diverse refurbishment solution; ideal for differing building requirements.

An efficient upgrade for complete cost control

The Ambiella G2 LED offers outstanding value for money: with luminous efficiency in excess of 80 lm/W and a service life of 25,000 hours, the low investment costs of the Ambiella G2 LED are repaid very quickly thanks to energy savings and extended maintenance intervals.

Lightweight throughout the building

Thanks to reduced material input, the luminaire is especially lightweight and can be integrated into almost any ceiling without effort and without tools.

Safe also in sanitary areas

The Ambiella G2 LED has IP44 protection on the room side – the luminaire is resistant to humidity and is therefore well-suited for use in sanitary areas.

Complete cost efficiency

With the Ambiella G2 LED, low purchase costs are combined with complete LED efficiency. With a service life of 25,000 hours and luminous efficiency in excess of 80 lm/W, the recessed downlight is also popular with especially cost-sensitive operators.

A timeless design

As a recessed downlight with reduced use of materials, the Ambiella G2 LED also features a timeless design which can be ideally integrated visually into differing building sections.

A simple lightweight product

With a weight of just 300 g to 500 g, the Ambiella G2 LED is genuinely lightweight. This simplifies storage, transport and installation. The luminaire can also be installed without tools.

Safe all-round

The Ambiella G2 LED achieves high IP44 protection on the room side with splash-water protection and protection against foreign bodies from Ø 1.0 mm. The product is therefore suitable for use in sanitary areas.

Individual configurations

The Ambiella G2 LED offers various luminous flux levels according to requirements. Versions are available with 800 lm, 1,300 lm and 2,000 lm. Two different recessing diameters of Ø 120 mm and Ø 180 mm make the luminaire especially adaptable to different constructional conditions.

Ambiella G2 LED
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