a multi-faceted light cube

The challenge

In the retail sector, light should arouse desire and stimulate purchases. Light must display the goods brilliantly and as well as possible for this purpose. The luminaires must also look good – they're also elements of design in sales spaces. Lighting solutions must therefore feature outstanding quality of light and at the same time have attractive designs.

The solution

Oktalite sets standards with the Fano LED series with design and technology: the main feature of the surface-mounted directional spot is its cubic housing, giving the luminaire a linear, striking and compact appearance. On the rear the luminaires are almost completely closed – this emphasises their elegant design. The range of luminaires also features high quality and flexibility on the inside: they have six white light and other food light colours to also display fresh food goods in an appetising way. Their interchangeable optics are attached simply via magnetic fixing. The latest member of this range is the extra-compact Fano Mini LED spotlight, bringing Fano quality to rooms where space is tight.

The result

The Fano LED range of spots appeals to design lovers and technical enthusiasts and provides diverse lighting solutions for various spatial and light requirements for store owners thanks to a stylish appearance and customisable inner technology. This all makes the stylish light cube the top choice for the whole retail sector.

Product and application images

Striking: a stylish design

The Fano LED spotlight family has a concise, compact square design. Concealed cooling ribs achieve an almost completely closed rear. The new, especially compact Fano Mini LED ideally supplements the linear series: various light and spatial requirements can now be equipped with a single luminaire design – even in rooms with tight spaces.

A wide spectrum: LED light colours

The spotlights feature six white light colours as well as additional special light colours for fresh food displays. This makes the range ideal for illuminating fresh food goods in an appetising light.

Diversified: new type of interchangeable optic

The product range features a new type of interchangeable reflector. The reflectors are simply attached with the magnetic Easy Optic Plate. The Fano Mini LED is available with three beam angles. The larger Fano LED version even offers five beam angles for optimum light distribution at the point of sale.

High lumen output: power package

The Fano LED is available with 5,000 lm and emits especially efficient light. The smaller Fano Mini LED is equipped with 4,000 lm.

Optional: protection against soiling

The spots can be optionally equipped with a glass cover protecting the LED module and reflector from soiling.

A striking appearance

The Fano LED spotlight family has a concise, compact square design. A special design feature are the concealed heat sinks.

Wide light spectrum

Both spots feature over six white light colours. The Fano LED, thanks to its special colour spectra, is also suitable for illuminating fresh food.

Flexible light distribution

The product family has a new type of interchangeable optic with the Easy Optic Plate magnetic mounting. Both the Fano LED and the Fano Mini LED are available with beam angles Spot, Medium Flood and Flood. The Fano LED also has beam angles Wide Flood and Very Wide Flood.

High-output light

The Fano LED is available with a high 5,000 lm output and the small-design Fano Mini LED with 4,000 lm.

Protection from soiling

Both luminaires can be optionally equipped with a glass cover to protect from soiling.

Technical features

Reference Value
Lumen class: 3,000 – 4,000 lm
System luminous flux: up to 3,680 lm
Connected load/efficiency: 3,000 lm: 28 W, 4,000 lm: 36 W; up to 107 lm/W
Service life: 50,000 h L80/B10
Colour rendering/-temperature: 2,700, 3,000, 3,500, 4,000 K + Efficient Colour, CRI = 85 + Best Colour, CRI = 95
Electrical version: LED, DALI not as standard
Dimensions (L x W x H): 148 x 98 x 115 mm
Protection rating/safety class: IP20
Light distribution: Spot, Medium Flood, Flood

Fano LED
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