Livelink Service

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Can I control any LiveLink system with the apps?

Yes, you can connect to any system. The precondition is that a WLAN connection to the system exists and that you have the valid password for this system.

Which device preconditions do I need for the apps?

For the LiveLink Control App (Android; iOS) you need at least one Smartphone with Android or iOS operating system. For the LiveLink Install App (Android; iOS) you need at least one Tablet with Android or iOS operating system.


Where can I find the operating instructions?

Compact operating instructions are included. In addition, in the Install App, detailed descriptions of the appropriate screen are available via the "?" symbol. Also, all documentation can be found via the following link: Documentation

Where can I find the tender texts?

The following link provides all tender texts for LiveLink: Tender texts

Where can I find the brochures?

Use the following link for the LiveLink brochure.

Where can I find the data sheet?

The following link provides all data sheets for LiveLink.


Can I carry out commissioning myself?

Yes, commissioning can be carried out with a tablet PC and the Install App (Android; iOS).

Can I operate the system with a smartphone?

Yes, for operating the system with a smartphone use the User App (Android; iOS). For commissioning the system, only use the Install App (Android; iOS).

Can I program the system with a smartphone?

No, the system cannot be programmed with a smartphone. For programming the system, you need a Tablet PC with installed Install App (Android; iOS).

Is commissioning carried out by TRILUX?

Because of the simplicity and intuitive control of the system, commissioning by a TRILUX service technician is not needed. If, despite this, you wish to commission the system via a TRILUX service technician, please contact your TRILUX Services.

What is required for the commissioning process?

For commissioning, you need a Tablet PC with installed Install App (Android; iOS).


Can my floor plan be displayed in the Use Case?

Yes, individual Use Cases can be created for your requirements. Alternatively, the Universal Use Case can also be used.

Which Use Cases come with the system in its state of supply?

LiveLink is supplied with 11 standard Use Cases: Manufacturing hall, extended manufacturing hall, classroom, corridor, patient room, small and large office, conference room, sports hall, retail and universal.


Can any type of sensor be connected?

No, not any type of sensor can be connected. Special LiveLink sensors from our cooperation partner STEINEL are available for the LiveLink light management system. Error-free functioning of the system is only ensured with these special LiveLink sensors.

Can the value for daylight-dependent control the set?

Yes, the value can be set via the Install App (Android; iOS).

How is the sensor connected?

The sensor is connected via the DALI line and needs no separate mains connection. For further information, see the Sensors paragraph in the introduction of the operating instructions.

Can the switch-off time be set?

Yes, the switch-off time can be set using the Install App (Android; iOS).

Is a surface-mounted sensor available?

A surface-mounted box is available for the STEINEL LiveLink sensors.

Is a sensor available for integrating in the luminaire?

Yes, a luminaire-integrated sensor is available.

Can presence detection be deactivated?

Yes, presence detection can be deactivated with the Install App (Android; iOS).

Where do I set nominal settings for the daylight-dependent control?

The nominal values can be set with the Install App (Android; iOS).

System introduction

Do I need Internet access?

Internet access is not needed for commissioning or setting the system. The system establishes a WLAN itself, to which you must connect. Internet access is only needed for downloading or updating the app.

Must a WLAN connection be established?

Yes, a WLAN connection must be established to the system. The system establishes a WLAN automatically, to which you need to connect to set up the system.

Is the WLAN protected?

Yes, the WLAN is encrypted according to the latest security standards. In addition, the WLAN is protected via a firewall in the LiveLink controller. The apps also feature secure password querying. All data is transmitted in encrypted form.

Can the WLAN signal be deactivated?

No, the WLAN signal cannot be currently switched off.

Can several systems be interconnected?

It is possible to connect up to 10 systems via Wi-Fi, making Master-Slave control possible. In order to connect the controller, a LiveLink Connect Controller is required, as this has a special software installed on it.


How many DALI devices can be connected?

Up to 64 DALI devices can be connected directly to the controller. More than 64 DALI devices can be connected using a DALI repeater, but these are then addressed as one device.

Can a standard push-button be connected for manual operation?

Yes, standard push-buttons for manual operation of the system can be used. The push-button needs only to be connected to the system via a push-button coupler or to the push-button input of the controller.

How many push-buttons can be connected?

The LiveLink controller features an interface used for directly connecting a push-button. Any number of push-buttons can be connected with the help of one or several push-button couplers. However, the maximum number of 64 DALI devices must not be exceeded. Up to 4 push-buttons can be connected with each push-button coupler.

Is the DALI input voltage-stable?

No, the DALI input is not voltage-stable.

Must a minimum distance between the sensor and LiveLink controller be complied with?

Yes, a distance of at least 1 metre must be kept between the LiveLink controller and sensor. If the distance is too short, disturbances may occur causing erroneous sensor messages.