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The world of work is transforming – new technologies and trends and primarily digitalisation are leading to changed work processes and products. This also affects the market for light: lighting professionals are being confronted with increasingly complex framework conditions for lighting. Up-to-date expertise is constantly required to face up to these challenges and optimally exploit new possibilities.

The TRILUX Akademie is the qualification partner for everyone professionally concerned with light. The TRILUX Akademie communicates technical knowledge in the form of various training formats for training needs. It is also the perfect forum for networking between specialists and colleagues. 

The TRILUX Akademie communicates lighting expertise as it is needed – trained by experts and close to professional needs.

For young professionals, courses are also available that establish a solid foundation for subsequent activities.

Knowledge gained in the specific certificate courses is verified by neutral, independent bodies (IHK, DIN CERTCO).

The TRILUX Akademie draws up individual qualification concepts and implements these, e.g. for the Düsseldorf municipal authorities, Fega-Schmitt or the Lichtzentrale wholesaler.

The wide-ranging programme of theme days, seminars and webinars enables even experienced lighting professionals to stay up-to-date.

Examples of LED seminars and webinars in German and English

Professional use of LED technology assumes a wide basic knowledge. Seminar participants in the basic seminar gain an overview of the technological features and requirements of LED. In the “practical upgrade” seminar participants learn where and how they can use LED technology effectively in everyday practice. Specific exercises are carried out to learn more about efficiency potential as well as more detailed features, characteristics and the use of the new technology.

When efficiently planned and conveniently installed, LED opens up completely new application possibilities. To be ableto competently advise in the future, the seminar informs about current topics such as LED technology, light planning and light management. The seminar also includes a workshop, where customer discussions are specifically trained and customer benefits for specific target groups are analysed.

Rapid changes due to technology characterise the current light market. LED has definitely arrived! But where exactly is the potential and how can this be used for the energy balance? This seminar gives you an overview of the options and limitations of LED, and you get to know how its quality, efficiency and economy is analysed. We show you what needs to be considered.

With the publication of the ZVEI LED guideline, uniform definitions and terms are now available for the first time. However, different specifications are still possible with regard to service life and luminous flux reduction. This means products are often not directly comparable. The webinar provides you with the necessary background knowledge and with practice-oriented evaluations and decision guidance.

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