Lighting guides and standards

In Europe (CEN states see chapter  "Lighting quality criteria"), the standard EN 12464-1, 2011 edition applies. It contains the most important applicable and calculable quality requirements for lighting rooms in the healthcare sector, such as illuminance and uniformity, glare rating UGR and colour rendering index of lamps or LED luminaires. Further explanations on lighting design for those rooms, however, are not provided. The information in this chapter relates to this standard.

In Germany, the additional standard DIN 5035-3 "Artificial lighting – Part 3: Lighting of health care premises" applies. It supplements EN 12464-1 with important information on lighting that is patient-friendly and fulfils the needs of nursing and treating personnel. Where necessary, this chapter also refers to this standard.

In Great Britain, the 2008 Lighting Guide 2 (LG2) "Hospitals and health care buildings" by the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) must also be applied in addition to EN 12464-1. LG2 is based on the 2002 EN 12464-1 edition, but contains a wealth of additional room types and photometric requirements for their lighting as well as advanced information for designers of lighting in healthcare facilities. For example, it provides recommendations on emergency lighting, outdoor lighting, lamps and luminaires and, based on the Building Regulation 2000 (Approved Document L2A and L2B), energy requirements which can be controlled via light management systems. Furthermore, LG2 contains concrete information on time intervals for tests and maintenance of lighting installations and emergency light installations.