Corridors, entrance halls, cloakrooms

Even though lighting quality criteria, particularly illuminance, are uniformly specified for all traffic areas and corridors in buildings by EN 12464-1, with 100 lx (see chapter "Lighting of traffic zones and general areas in buildings"), which also applies to traffic areas and entrance halls in public areas, there is a significant difference in terms of visual requirements. In public areas, traffic areas are mostly used by people unfamiliar with the building, and often also older people and people with impairments. Traffic routes in work places, in contrast, are usually frequented by the same group of people, who are used to the layout of the paths. This leads to the following conclusion: In public areas, it is advisable to illuminate traffic routes and entrance halls at a higher level than minimally required by EN 12464-1 in order to provide more safety for people unfamiliar with the building. LED-equipped ground-recessed light points (possibly also with coloured light) are particularly helpful for navigating public buildings, not only for older people.

EN 12464-1 stipulates bright primary surfaces for corridors, staircases and entrance halls, with 75 lx (walls) and 50 lx (ceiling) at minimum (uniformity for both being 0,10 at minimum).