Waiting areas, cash desks and service counters

Where forms are filled in and demanding reading tasks such as reading contracts or the so-called "fine print" are performed in waiting areas as well as cash desks or counters, the respective areas must be illuminated at 500 lx like offices. This applies particularly for explicitly provided writing and reading stations as are found e.g. in post offices or waiting areas in administrative buildings.

Cash desks and counters that are continuously occupied must also be illuminated like offices. In this context, it is helpful to think of cash desks in banks, where bank notes, coins and receipts must be verified for authenticity in a swift and secure fashion. For customers, standard illuminance values at cash desks and counters are sufficient, mostly because they only have to perform the visual task over a short period of time – unlike employees.

Authorities and administrative institutions are bidding farewell to the bureau of old. They are increasingly transforming into service providers for taxpayers. Citizen advice is available. Open helpdesks or shielded, confidential help islands are characteristic for the new architecture in administration, banking and insurance. Bright and directed light distinguishes these stations from standard-compliantly lit traffic zones. In confidential consulting sessions, the light focus may even change: Brightness is dimmed in the consulting area. Light scenarios create an atmosphere conducive to consulting success. Zonal and architectural lighting are the key here.