Examplary lighting of an indoor swimming pool

(a) Construction drawing as design basis

(b) Local distribution of horizontal illuminance Eh (isolux lines, values in lx) on the floor and the water surface

Figure 3.110: Example swimming pool

Table 3.79: Examples for indoor swimming pool lighting, q.v. figure; regarding additional lighting for high diving, see figure

Figure 3.111: For competition diving, sufficient vertical lighting Ev must be provided. This requires 2 additional LED floodlights with 12.000 lm each. Graphics and isolux curves demonstrate the lighting situation (values incl. general lighting according to fig.).

  • (a) Horizontal illuminance Eh distribution on the water surface in the diving area spanning 5,25 m · 7,5 m, average value Ēh = 558 lx, uniformity 0,73.

  • (b) Vertical illuminance Ēv distribution on a reference area vertical to the diving area and parallel to the pool edge spanning 1,0 m · 3,0 m from the point of view of the diving judge, average Ēv = 601 lx, uniformity 0,81, Ēvh = 1,08.

  • (c) Semi-cylindrical illuminance Esz distribution on the same reference area, average Ēhz = 507 lx, uniformity 0,82.