Lighting for table tennis (big hall with auditorium)

Top-level table tennis is a very fast-paced sport. In competitive table tennis, there must be four floodlights per table which are located as far as possible from the corners of each table, generate as few reflections and as little glare as possible on the table surface and ideally illuminate the table with a maintained illuminance of 750 lx (class I) according to EN 12193.

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) only demands 600 lx. The unobstructed range of motion for players surrounding the table usually measures up to 5 m. This area must be illuminated with at least 500 lx as well. Elevated vertical illuminance above the table should be targeted to facilitate spatial recognition of the fast-flying balls.

Figure 3.112: Example for lighting of a table tennis competition station. The box (7 m x 14 m) is illuminated by wide-beam floodlights 1 x HIT-DE 1000 W (light colour daylight white) and 850 lx (left), the table surface (right, 0,76 m above the floor) is illuminated with 1090 lx and very high uniformity Emin/Ē = 0,98, maintenance factor 0,8.