Lighting of a snooker table (big hall with auditorium)

Snooker or similar sports with certain differences in size of playing area and rules have been a popular leisure sport for many centuries.

The World Snooker Association is a global association with many national sub-organisations. Snooker is a table game similar to pool billiards. However, the table is bigger and the pockets and balls are smaller. Compared to pool billiards, snooker is a difficult game to learn and requires an entirely different playing tactic. Snooker, which originated in India, is predominantly played on the British Isles. However, there is a noticeable snooker boom in European continental states as well.

Snooker players, just like billiards players, need high illuminance values, absolute glare elimination and a rather dark spectator area. Television-appropriate lighting is usually required, even for training purposes.



Figure 3.115: Example for snooker lighting at high competition level with 750 lx on the reference area, realised through 26 opal diffuser luminaires, LED, 4.500 lm