Lighting of badminton halls

Badminton used to be a popular sport in Germany, and still is in some countries. Badminton is a racket game using a ca. 5 g shuttlecock which two or four players must bat across a net by turns.

In halls exclusively used for badminton, ball-proof equipment is not required according to sports institutes. In multi-purpose halls, however, it is not possible to forego ball-impact safety (see chapter ). Dimensions of a badminton court are 6,1 m · 13,4 m according to EN 12193 and the specifications of national sports associations such as the German badminton association. Behind the baseline, there should be an unobstructed margin of ca. 2,0 m. Unobstructed room height for regional and national events is 7,0 m, 9,0 m for international events and 12,0 m for world championships.

Due to high-flying shuttlecocks, it is particularly important to observe glare limitation, which means luminaires should not be arranged directly above the playing area, if possible.

Figure 3.108: Example for lighting in a badminton hall (room height 7 m, 6 playing fields), 92 continuous-line LED luminaires with prismatic covers, 9.300 lm, maintenance factor 0,8, lighting class II, Ēm ≥ 500 lx