Lighting of squash halls

Squash is a fast, high-energy racket game (4 cm diameter, 24 g weight). Ball speeds go up to 200 km/h. High speeds of perception as well as absence of glare and strobing are important lighting requirements. Playing area dimensions are 9,75 m · 6,40 m.

Lighting on the vertical front wall, where average vertical illuminance Ev must correspond roughly to horizontal illuminance Eh, is particularly important. Recommended light sources are linear luminaires with LED or fluorescent lamps with electronic control gear which also fulfil good colour rendering and strobing prevention requirements. Luminaires must be ball-proof (see chapter ). Shock-absorbing, floating, prismatic PLEXIGLAS luminaire covers which feature stability as well as average luminance reduction and thus improved glare limitation have proven functional. Luminaires should be arranged at a distance of at least 1,0 m from the walls.

Figure 3.107: Examples for squash hall lighting according to EN 12193 with closed LED sports hall luminaires 14.000 lm (for class I, Ēm ≥ 750lx) or 9.300 lm (for class II, Ēm ≥ 500 lx), maintenance factor 0,8