Photometric requirements according to international sports associations

Horse riding:Table 1.86
Ice hockey/figure skating: Table 1.83
Judo: Table 1.81
Karate/Keno: Table 1.81
Martial arts: Table 1.81
Netball: Table 1.81
Pétanque u. Boules: Table 1.88
Racketball: Table 1.83
Roller-skating: Table 1.86
School sports: Table 1.81
Shooting : Table 1.85
Skittles:Table 1.85
Snooker: Table 1.90
Soccer: Table 1.81
Speed skating:Table 1.86
Squash: Table 1.83
Swimming: Table 1.87
Table tennis: Table 1.83
Tennis: Table 1.80
Track and field: Table 1.86
Volleyball: Table 1.81
Weightlifting: Table 1.81
Wrestling: Table 1.81

For many sports, corresponding international sports associations and television broadcasters have also developed sports facility lighting requirements. The table contains international associations which in some cases need to be consulted concerning special facility lighting requirements.

For example, the International Table Tennis Federation requires at least 1000 lx on the field of play in the box measuring 4 m · 7 m for world championships and Olympic tournaments, and at least 500 lx for the remaining playing space. For other competitions, 600 lx and 400 lx in the playing space respectively must be provided.

The international association F.I.B.A. requires an average horizontal illuminance of 1.500 lx at a height of 1,5 m above the playing area for all level 1 and 2 basketball tournaments.

The International Ice Hockey Federation I.I.H.F. only requires the playing area to be illuminated sufficiently for players, referees and spectators to comfortably follow the course of the game.

The Federation Internationale de Volleyball F.I.V.B requires a horizontal illuminance of 1.500 lx at a height of 1,0 m above the floor for competitions and 500 lx for "warm-up areas".

Table 1.80

Table 1.81

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Table 1.83

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