Example of planning aids

Figure 3.156: Realistic depictions support the decision-making process.

Planning aids include, among other things,

  • suggested solutions in table or graphic form;

  • computer-aided planning;

  • data sets and software tools for lighting design;

  • realistic depictions;

  • aids for profitability calculations;

  • problem-solving with object-specific optics and their depiction in the virtual reality of the lighting project as well as related feasibility analyses;

  • sample luminaires;

  • sample installations;

  • instructions for installation and use.

Figure 3.157: Cost calculations: Total annual costs consist of installation costs (blue), maintenance costs (yellow) and energy costs (red). Product quality and thus luminaire price only constitute a part of the total costs for a lighting installation. Energy-saving quality luminaires can be significantly more beneficial when considering the period of use.