Munich / Arnsberg, July 2019

With Human Centric Lighting, TRILUX brings daylight into the ‚new work‘ office of Sport Bittl in Munich-Allach. The new lighting is based on the natural course of the day and thus strengthens the biological rhythm for supporting concentration and thus better work. On the top floor of the sporting goods retailer, everything that characterises today's modern office has been realised: an open-space concept, impressive design and ergonomic equipment - in perfect interplay with light to feel good.

The office of Sport Bittl also has an impressive view of sunsets.  Foto: Bettina Theisinger

Ergonomic and Aesthetics

Managing director Stefan Bittl is very satisfied with the result of the reconstruction, so are his employees. He likes to quote one of them with the bon mot "This is great cinema". This is certainly also due to the daylight-flooded, panoramic window areas through which you can sometimes watch dreamlike sunsets over the roofs of Munich in the evening. Added to this is the new-work atmosphere with its open structures and an interior design that maintains a balance between ergonomics and aesthetics.

Vitra, manufacturer of design classics such as the "Charles & Ray Eames" chairs and supplier of the complete office furniture, was so impressed by the project that it included the Bittl spaces in its reference book. In terms of design quality, this is tantamount to a "knighthood", as only a few companies are allowed to present themselves in this style bible.

Natural Light

As consistent as Stefan Bittl was in his choice of interior ("I wanted it to blow people's minds"), he was uncompromising in his choice of lighting: "It was simply supposed to be the best. After all, we've invested years of effort to provide customers with a unique shopping experience. Now we wanted to do something that would benefit our employees. He opted for a Human Centric Lighting (HCL) lighting solution from TRILUX, which is based on the course of the sun, i.e. natural daylight.

Half a year of working under dynamic light has confirmed Stefan Bittl in his decision: "I particularly like the gentle transition in the afternoon towards warmer light colours. The bottom line is that this results in an atmosphere that is second to none.

Sport Bittl has created a top-class open-space office above the roofs of Munich. Foto: Bettina Theisinger

Cleverly arranged: the ceiling image of acoustic sails and LED luminaires from TRILUX.  Foto: Bettina Theisinger

Feel-Good Light works

Fit and forget about the feel-good light. The system works completely autonomously, strengthens the biological rhythm and thus ensures relaxed, concentrated work. The system has sensors that measure the amount of daylight just in time. In addition, seasonal and geographical light curves are stored to exactly replicate natural light. The result is ideal lighting conditions throughout the working day - regardless of whether it is snowing, the sun is shining or the sky is overcast. The spectral composition of the lighting always corresponds to that of natural light at the respective time of day.

For the best possible result, TRILUX relies on three pillars: the right luminaire, efficient lighting control and professional planning including comprehensive consultation. In the case of Sport Bittl, on the component side this was the LiveLink lighting management system and the Solvan Flow daylight luminaires from TRILUX. The latter were mounted on wire suspensions. Together with the acoustic sails, the individual luminaires create a fascinating ceiling image. Visitors to the unusual new work office quickly realise that it is worthwhile to look in every direction. Even upwards.

The HCL solutions at Sport Bittl exactly reproduce the day and seasonally dependent course of sunlight outside the building.  Foto: Bettina Theisinger