The light industry had long been anticipating this night: On 16 May, the German Lighting Design Awards 2019 were held in the historic town hall in Wuppertal. Since 2016, they have served as a distinction for excellent, inspiring light planning projects. As many as two projects realised with the help of TRILUX lighting experts were able to win out among this year's record number of submissions. The Futurium in Berlin and the TRILUX company cafeteria in Arnsberg convinced the jury with custom lighting solutions perfectly matched to the overall architectural appearance.

Distinctions for two TRILUX projects

Excitement abounded yesterday night as the Lighting Design Awards 2019 were held with a festive gala in Wuppertal’s historic town hall. Three projects in the categories “Office and Administration”, “Museums” as well as “Hotels and Gastronomy” created in cooperation with TRILUX lighting experts were nominated for the coveted trophy. At the end, there were two causes for celebration: The light planners of “realities united” received the industry award for the Futurium in Berlin; the planning offices of „jack be nimble“ were distinguished for the company cafeteria in Arnsberg. Innovative lighting technology for both projects had been supplied by TRILUX.

State-of-the-art high-tech for future ideas

The Futurium, the house of futures in Berlin’s government district, was able to beat the competition in the “Museums” category. In this building, exciting questions are asked regarding the world of tomorrow on roughly 3,200 m2 of exhibition space. The pioneering lighting technology by TRILUX for indoor and outdoor areas is an ideal match for this innovation standard – both in terms of light quality and efficiency as well as intelligence and aesthetics. Its eye-catcher is the unique light ceiling featuring animated sequences such as cloud-like, amorphous shadow figures, which becomes interactive on demand, following people like a trail of light, forming connecting lines between separate groups of people or dividing up the space into sectors.


In the “Hotels and Gastronomy” category, “jack be nimble” received the German Lighting Design Award 2019 for the TRILUX company cafeteria in Arnsberg. Here, matching light colours and illumination techniques are used to ideally showcase the various functional areas such as the counter, the dining area or the coffee bar. Over the course of the day, Human Centric Lighting provides activating or relaxing light. Through this modernisation effort, an inviting and welcoming place for encounters and communication was created.

Another nomination went to the TRILUX Light Campus in Cologne, which serves as an impressive example for New Work through its unique interplay of functionality and design as well as light and architecture. Here, the trends of the lighting world of the future, from light management through Human Centric Lighting all the way to predictive maintenance, can already be experienced today.

Pictures: Bettina Theisinger / Der Deutsche Lichtdesign-Preis