Millfield School in Somerset choose TRILUX indoor and outdoor lighting for new equestrian facility

Millfield, the co-educational independent boarding school in Somerset, has famously provided multiple Olympians for every Games since 1956 along with prominent business, political and arts figures. Founded in 1935, today Millfield has 1250 pupils and over 600 employees.

Millfield is one of the few British schools with equestrian facilities on campus and aims to offer the best combined equestrian and academic school environment in the country. The Equestrian Centre is certified to train to Fellowship level in the British Horse Society "Where to Train" register. To add to their inspirational sporting facilities, they recently opened new indoor and outdoor equestrian arenas.

The project started with the outdoor arena. When it came to the lighting they were looking for products that offered uniformity and a high light out-put. Having worked with TRILUX previously, Andy Ellis, Millfield’s Head of Electrical made contact and the TRILUX Lumen Star LED provided the optimum solution.

Andy commented, “I find working with TRILUX lighting easy. My project engineer is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and cares about the end client and the effect the lighting will have on the users. The lighting in the outdoor arena was a huge success and provides a high quality, uniform light on the riding area. So far, the reports back from members are positive and they are extremely pleased with the new installation, so selecting TRILUX to do the indoor lighting was a natural choice, they ticked all the boxes.

“The indoor project has an interesting design due to the shape of the roof. TRILUX provided an impressive scheme using their continuous line product E-Line LED. The installation costs were kept low due to how quickly they could be installed. The electrical contractors were amazed at how easily the system went together. It was really simple to install the four rows, at 69 metres each.”

E-Line LED offers a range of lumen levels, optics and protection ratings making it quickly adaptable to application-specific requirements. The quick, simple planning and installation of the system minimises the effort required and reduces cost-intensive interruptions to everyday work.

Danny Anholt, Millfield's Director of Equestrian, concludes, “The lighting for both Millfield’s indoor and outdoor riding arenas has been provided by TRILUX. The quality of the lighting, casting almost no shadow, is unprecedented. Particularly for jump training, this not only enhances the effectiveness of our training programme, but also improves the safety of horses and riders. From an environmental perspective, the LED lights are the most efficient of any sport facility on campus. The lights in the indoor arena a remarkable 169lmns per watt and use less than a third of the power compared to the old indoor arena. From a trainer’s point of view these two facilities have hugely enhanced our activities.”

Project information

  • Client
    Millfield School
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Products
    Lumena Star LED
    E-Line LED

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