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  • Planning as simple as never before.

    LiveLink offers a broad selection of pre-set room configurations for typical areas of use. These so-called Use Cases refer, among other things, to schools, offices, or industrial halls. In case of more complex requirements, they can be modified individually.

    Quickly and simply installed.

    LiveLink is quickly installed thanks to simple wiring. Only the mains connection and DALI control lines are required to interconnect the luminaires and to establish connection to the control system.

    Commissioning – quickly and intuitively via tablet.

    System programming and start-up is easy with an iOS or Android tablet. Assigning the luminaires and system components is carried out via the graphic user interface and with visual feedback of the system. Installers can control and configure luminaire groups individually and if requirements change, new configurations are simple and flexible.

    Convenient operation.

    As well as with standard push-buttons on walls, LiveLink can also be conveniently controlled using the intuitive user interface on mobile end devices. If users wish to modify brightness according to their requirements or call up scenes, this can be done simply and conveniently using the app.

    Best possible solution through strong partnership.

    LiveLink brings together TRILUX lighting and control expertise with STEINEL sensor technology. The partners optimally matched all components during the design stage to create a reliable system fulfilling all modern light management requirements.

  • TRILUX LiveLink

    light gains intelligence

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  • Planar light – perfect (light) atmospheres

    With the semi-recessed mounted version, the optical system with diffuser disc overlaps the luminaire mounting ring to create pleasant ceiling illumination with uniform light, providing a highly attractive appearance to ceilings and rooms.

    New options – the first downlights for ceilings and walls

    The surface-mounted and recessed downlights offer pleasant, minimised luminance and uniform, wide-area light emission. This means the downlights can be installed not only in ceilings but also into or on walls.

    Product diversity – the right light for any lighting situation

    With two construction sizes, two optical systems and three luminous flux levels, individual lighting concepts can be achieved in a uniform, overall design with the Inplana and Onplana LED. The luminaires are also suitable for the standard-compliant lighting of computer screen workstations thanks to UGR19 glare reduction.

    Simply attractive – flexible adaptation artists

    With their simple, highly flexible design, the Inplana and Onplana downlights blend perfectly into interiors and confidently fulfil any lighting task. Various plaster frames enable trimless integration for especially uniform ceiling appearances.

    A flat design – for low intermediate ceiling spaces

    The extremely flat Inplana downlight with external control unit is even suitable for intermediate ceiling spaces of only 35 mm, thereby fitting into almost any ceiling and with a 60 mm construction height, the Onplana surface-mounted version is flatter than ever.

  • TRILUX Inplana and Onplana LED

    radiance to get excited about

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  • Long service life. Low costs.

    With a low-maintenance lifespan of 85,000 hours and high efficiency of up to 150 lm/W, the Nextrema LED G3 significantly cuts total operating costs and is therefore highly attractive economically.

    Robust shell. Perfect operation.

    Thanks to high quality workmanship, the Nextrema LED G3 guarantees reliable operation even in extreme conditions.

    Small construction size. Big performance.

    Simple illumination despite limited mounting space: with a length of just 1 metre, the Nextrema LED G3 achieves the same lumen output as standard 1.5 metre luminaires.

    Sophisticated sensor technology for light management.

    Optional presence and daylight sensors enable configuration according to individual requirements and offer reliable light management.

    Rapid, compact installation.

    Thanks to its compact dimensions, Wieland rapid connection system, mounting clips and mounting template, the Nextrema LED G3 can be installed quickly and simply in compact spaces.

  • Nextrema G3 LED

    the robust weather-proof luminaire for extreme situations

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  • Flexibly setting light accents

    The Scenatic Point 905 can be aligned in any direction to attractively highlight pictures, products or exhibition items.

    Drastic reduction in operating costs

    With energy efficiency of up to 80 lm/W, the LED spotlight consumes just one sixth of the energy required by a standard low voltage halogen luminaire.

    Simple and quick refurbishments

    Refurbishments can be carried out in next to no time and without tools thanks to the identical diameter to standard low voltage luminaires and practical features such as rapid-mount catches.

    Adaptable and flexible

    With its purist design and compact size, the spotlight blends discreetly into almost all surroundings – offering high flexibility with its various luminous flux packages and light colours.

    Compact and environmentally-friendly

    Thanks to its compact construction size and reduced packaging, the Scenatic Point 905 can be transported and stored at low cost in a space-saving way.

  • Scenatic Point 905

    setting accents and creating atmosphere

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  • Timelessly elegant light lines

    The LC67 light channel system offers especially uniform light without directly visible shadow gaps or differences in luminance to effectively illuminate buildings.

    One light channel, many options

    The core module of the system with a width of 67 mm is available in 10 different standard module lengths and can be routed horizontally or vertically around corners with T, L and X-connectors.

    Four installation versions for greater flexibility

    The LC67 light channel system is available as a trimless recessed channel for plasterboard ceilings, with a covering trim for plasterboard ceiling apertures and as a surface-mounted channel and suspended version with an indirect light component for ceiling illumination.

  • The LC67 light channel system

    light lines in their most perfect form

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