Upgrading to state-of-the-art LED lighting has never been simpler: with TRILUX Pay Per Use, companies can also benefit from the advantages of efficient, networked LED lighting without equity capital or their own contribution. In the sense of SIMPLIFY YOUR LIGHT, TRILUX offers customers an all-round carefree package and, as a full service provider with its partner network, assumes all tasks: ranging from planning and installation to operation of the lighting system. Companies only pay a consumption-based monthly fee for the use. Compared to the costs of an outdated system this often achieves a financial profit from the very first day.

Clever service and financing concept for intelligent light

Many obsolete lighting systems are still running only because companies shy away from upgrading. What they fear: too much effort, too much complexity – and above all, too many costs. TRILUX has developed its innovative Pay per Use service model especially for such situations. Customers receive a newly planned, installed and ready-to-operate LED lighting system from TRILUX, paying only a monthly fee for its use. This allows them to benefit from the options of networked intelligent LED lighting without having to make their own investments – safely, transparently and neutrally regarding the balance sheet. A special feature of Pay per Use: the monthly payment consists of a fixed basic fee and a consumption-dependent component which the companies can actively influence through their usage behaviour.

Companies that want to know how high the monthly rate for their specific project is can quickly and easily determine this online.

Simply have it done – TRILUX as a full-service provider

Pay per Use not only protects your own equity but also your resources. As a full-service provider, TRILUX with its partners takes on all tasks connected with the conversion – starting with the disassembly and disposal of the old system in the event of refurbishment to the lighting design of the new system and right through to operation. To provide you with maximum transparency and optimum system availability, the Energy Monitoring and Light Monitoring digital cloud services are included in the Pay per Use model. Here, all operating parameters of the lighting network can be continuously monitored and analysed. The data forms the basis for calculating the consumption-based monthly usage fee, enabling innovative services such as predictive maintenance. With predictive maintenance, maintenance cycles can be adapted to actual needs and expensive downtimes therefore avoided. The luminaire data can also be integrated into existing building management systems via an interface.

Several models, all with one aim – tailor-made financing

As well as Pay per Use, TRILUX offers customers a wide range of tailor-made financing models such as purchase, rent, hire purchase and leasing. In addition, the lighting specialist also helps with securing regional or national subsidies.

Pay per use

Switch to modern LED lighting without any investment costs. The consumption-dependent portion of the monthly rate is based on actual usage.

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