As the official lighting partner of the Hahnenkamm Races, we will provide the perfect lighting in the KITZ-RACE-Club. Our claim: a holistic lighting concept with a feel-good atmosphere, which demonstrates the possibilities of networked and intelligent lighting and inspires the guests. Not an easy job, as the entire 10,000 m2 location will be constructed especially for the race within a very short time. Joachim Geiger, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at TRILUX, gives a peek behind the scenes.

With approximately 1,200 guests per day, the KITZ-RACE-Club is one of the most popular locations at the legendary Hahnenkamm Races. During the races there is a unique atmosphere at the foot of the so-called Streif. For us, this relaxed atmosphere is a good opportunity to show sports enthusiasts what a modern, networked lighting solution is able to do. A holistic lighting concept was required for the entire location, meaning from the forecourt and foyer to the KITZ café and beer bar, the VIP area and the beauty club. From an architectural point of view, the temporary building is dominated by open, spacious areas with large window fronts. "Our task was to illuminate all interior and exterior areas in accordance with standards and to develop a lighting concept that creates a glamorous feel-good atmosphere. The result harmonizes perfectly with the unique mountain scenery of the Kitzbühel Alps," explains Joachim Geiger. This task was solved by luminaires from the TRILUX standard portfolio as well as slightly modified custom designs.

Light and luminaire creating an atmospheric ensemble

One of the highlights in the club are certainly the huge Polaron IQ ring lights, floating weightlessly over the beer bar with a span of 3.5 m. They vary their direct and indirect light component in the course of the day – from neutral white light with a bluish corona in the morning to warm white light with an orange corona in the evening. Another special feature was developed especially for the KITZ-RACE-Club. With the lighting solution in the KITZ beauty area, guests can adjust their professional make-up to three different lighting situations. They can chose between the light scenes "Ski slope" for bright light outside in the snow, "Make-up artist" for classic interiors and "KITZ Party" for the perfect party make-up. After all, when the light is right, the make-up is right too.

Light management and HCL increase the feel-good factor

The 21 networked luminaire groups in the event and lounge area can be controlled simply and flexibly via an intelligent lighting control system. For a high feel-good factor, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) has also been implemented in the KITZ-RACE-Club – meaning that the luminaires change their spectral composition in line with natural sunlight. This makes it almost feel like you are outside even though you are indoors. After sunset, the luminaires above the bar create a pleasant party atmosphere and cast an atmospheric green onto the ceiling to match the brand colour of the beer served. With this we not only show our presence at one of the most important skiing events, but also use the KITZ-RACE-Club as a pop-up showroom on the Streif.