Why purchase when you can rent? This is already very common in areas like financing of real estate or vehicle fleets, but it can also offer great opportunities in the lighting market. TRILUX Rental enables companies to enjoy a modern, tailor-made and connected lighting system, without affecting your balance and without the need for own investment. TRILUX takes care of all tasks, from planning and installation to the operation of the system, and only charges a fixed monthly rental fee.

The advantages of smart, connected LED lighting solutions are obvious. In addition to the high energy efficiency and light quality, it is possible to connect the lighting to the Cloud, which creates great possibilities for controlling and monitoring the system. In addition, the lighting network can be used as a plug-and-play infrastructure for non-lighting tasks, including IoT applications such as Location Based Services. But not everyone can afford the high investment costs or wants to get involved in the planning and execution of a complex project. That is why we have developed a broad portfolio of alternative financing options. The portfolio ranges from purchase, rent and lease to Pay-Per-Use. Today we are highlighting TRILUX Rental.

TRILUX Rent your light: all services, but balance-neutral and with a fixed rate

It makes no difference whether our clients want to purchase or to rent as they always get a technologically advanced, modern, tailor-made lighting solution of the best TRILUX quality. As a full-service provider, we plan the system together with our clients according to their individual needs and specifications, take care of the installation and guarantee a smooth operation during the entire duration of the contract. In the case of renovation, TRILUX also takes care of the dismantling and disposal of the old system. Last, but not least, companies only pay a fixed monthly rate for the entire “all-round carefree package”. The amount of the monthly rate depends on the size and technological complexity of the lighting system and the duration of the contract. The monthly rate can be deducted from the profit, which results in tax benefits. Read more about TRILUX Rent your light.

Smartness brings the future to today

Those who still rely on "primitive" lighting systems are wasting an enormous potential. That is why TRILUX solutions for rent always offers smart lighting networks with Cloud access. Clever Cloud services such as energy monitoring and light monitoring ensure maximum transparency and create a foundation for innovative Cloud-based maintenance concepts such as “Predictive Maintenance”. In addition, thanks to open interfaces, the system can be used flexibly for a wide range of IoT applications, such as Location Based Services including Asset Tracking, Indoor Navigation, Heat Mapping, People Counting or Proximity Marketing. With our systems, the future of lighting is already a reality today. TRILUX Rental offers a solution for everyone who wants to benefit from smart lighting solutions, but cannot afford or does not want to purchase.