Everything bundled by application

Would you like to learn more about a specific application, e.g. office, industry, retail or outdoor? With our Cubes, we go into depth: The state-of-the-art and extremely versatile container systems are flexibly equipped with our application-specific solutions depending on the customer's requirements and area of use - and thus bundle all relevant specialist and industry knowledge in a compact and attractive form.

What to expect?


Everything is getting smart - and for good reason: Smart lighting solutions can be controlled and monitored with unique precision and convenience. Turnkey IoT modules that are simply integrated into the lighting network open new potential quickly and easily.


Quality is the best sales argument. Our claim: To inspire with excellence at all levels, from quality product and design to lighting, data and our services.


Customised instead of an off-the-peg luminaire. Extensive customisation options allow light and luminaire to be perfectly adapted to the application and preference - e.g. lighting technology, colour or design.


Whether energy efficiency, building certification or supply chain legislation - sustainability is becoming increasingly important. That's why we think the issue through at all levels and develop environmentally friendly solutions that make a positive contribution to sustainability.