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A holistic concept of sustainability considers the observation of ecological, economic and social responsibility. In this context TRILUX understands the appreciative treatment of all employees as an essential criterion for sustainable action. Good working conditions, health and safety at work and the observance of human rights are the basis for this. As a fair employer, TRILUX also focuses on performance-related and non-discriminatory remuneration and offers various voluntary benefits to promote employee satisfaction.

Social employment policy

TRILUX employs 5,167 people worldwide, 1,784 of whom are based in Germany. Each individual is guaranteed compliance with the site-specific minimum wage requirements.

The standard entry level salaries are generally above the minimum wage in the respective country, irrespective of gender. The Arnsberg site is covered by the collective agreement of the metal and electrical industry North Rhine-Westphalia. In cooperation with the employee representatives, extensive works agreements were also drawn up and adopted for the Arnsberg site. For ZALUX in Spain collective agreements are also applied

Part-time employees receive the same company benefits as full-time employees on a pro rata basis in relation to their working hours. In the production and logistics areas, leasing workers are used for transport, picking and assembly work as well as for machine operation to cover peak order periods and to compensate for holiday-related absences. We have been working with regional human resources providers for many years. Leasing employees receive industry bonuses according to collective agreement benefits stipulated by the IGZ and BAP associations. In addition, they receive TRILUX allowances and TRILUX performance bonuses above the standard rates.

At many locations TRILUX grants voluntary benefits that go beyond the legal requirements. For example, employees at Zalux in Spain and ICT ZhuHai in China have access to special health and pension insurance benefits.
With the goal of high employee satisfaction, TRILUX provides employees with various feedback and dialogue options. In the context of legal requirements, individual, employee-friendly solutions are negotiated here, for instance when it comes to issues such as deferred compensation, parental leave, care leave or part-time work. It is also a matter of course for TRILUX that the managers on site are also rooted in the respective region.

100% of the employees at the top management level (managing directors of the companies) come from the countries where their companies are based.

Limited terms at deadline:

31.10.2019 (only DE)

Employment contract/gender Number of employees  
Limited 202  
Male 145  
Female 57  
Permanent 1.582  
Male 1.156  
Female 426  
Overall result 1.784  

Employment relationship at deadline:

31.10.2019 (only DE)

Employment contract/gender Number of employees  
Part time 210  
Male 35  
Female 175  
Full time 1.574  
Male 1.266  
Female 308  
Overall result 1.784  

Recruitment and fluctuation in the reporting period: year 2019

There are only minor seasonal fluctuations in the figures disclosed, for example in the number of leasing staff. All employees of the TRILUX Group Germany including trainees as of 31.10.2019 were included, and for the total number of employees, all employees of the TRILUX Group worldwide were taken into account.

Obligation to society

TRILUX pursues sustainable action beyond the boundaries of the company and therefore lives social responsibility at all locations, also in communal matters. This topic is of particular importance in Arnsberg and in Alhama de Aragón, Spain, where TRILUX is the largest employer in the region respectively.

TRILUX is involved in many local projects with the aim of sustainable and future-oriented development of the communities in which it operates. For instance, the company is a sponsor of the Arnsberg citizens’ foundation ProBe and is participating as a pilot company in a project of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia to promote local public transport. In its context, TRILUX employees can purchase a particularly inexpensive ticket that is valid supraregionally. The effects of this project affect several levels of sustainability: The emission of pollutants and consumption of resources by car traffic is reduced, the quality of life in the communities is improved and the satisfaction of TRILUX employees is promoted – win-win situations of this nature for everyone involved are exemplary of the practised company culture and the corporate self-concept at TRILUX.

Management approaches

  1. Personnel data management (SAP)
  2. Quality management system ISO 9001
  3. Employee representation
  4. Data exchange with the metal company association NRW
  5. Collective agreement for the metal and electrical industry NRW
  6. Collective agreement ZALUX