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As well as reducing energy costs, TRILUX LED lighting solutions significantly reduce expensive and disruptive maintenance in logistics and distribution environments, thanks firstly to the vastly increased lifetime, when compared to non-LED luminaires. Installation and maintenance of lighting in highbay warehouses can be very costly and disruptive. In answer to that, TRILUX E-Line LED trunking system is both quick and easy to install and takes only 44 seconds to replace a gear tray, without the use of tools.

In addition, by giving clients the ability to monitor and predict when lights are going to fail, maintenance can be clustered and scheduled. Lighting failures cause cost-intensive downtime in distribution halls, but Predictive Maintenance allows facilities managers to take action before a failure occurs and at a time that suits your business.

The system provides live system data, e.g. energy consumption, temperature and dimming levels, that can be accessed at any time via an app. By having information about likely upcoming repairs, the service technician can ensure he orders the necessary parts well in advance.

A typical lighting transformation project supported by TRILUX sees refurbishment of obsolete lighting in distribution halls, delivering up to 85% energy saving when upgrading from traditional light sources to LED and combined with a light management system. As well as massive savings on overheads from day one, a TRILUX LED Lighting solution will significantly improve working conditions - benefitting occupational and environmental safety and meet the latest industry regulations.

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