The Streif: hardly any ski racing course in the world causes more of a thrill than the legendary Hahnenkamm run in Kitzbühel. As the official light partner, TRILUX showcased the KITZ RACE Club in perfect harmony with the light conditions in the wintry Alps – thanks to Human Centric Lighting.

Roughly 80,000 spectators observe the ski racers directly at the course each year, and millions of viewers watch live in front of their TVs at home. The Hahnenkamm Races developed into a large society event in Austria which is referenced in the same breath as the Salzburg Festival or the Vienna Opera Ball. Its requirements in terms of perfect showcasing and lighting of the buildings at the finish are accordingly high.

Challenge: Daylight solutions in the snow-covered Alps

Rapidly changing weather conditions, reflecting snow, early sunset: the light influences in the Alps, especially in winter, exhibit numerous particularities and thus challenged the TRILUX lighting experts in many ways. The KITZ RACE Club, which housed a café and a lounge as well as the VIP area, impressed visitors as a temporary building with a formidable glass façade which allowed daylight to shine in. For this building, TRILUX developed a light concept with Human Centric Lighting which adapted intelligently to the often challenging weather conditions and put people at the centre.


Photos: WWP Group

While blue coronas and a rather neutral-white light illuminated the rooms during ideal blue-sky weather, customised light circles based on the filigree round light profile of the TRILUX series luminaire Polaron IQ showcased the architecture in warm orange tones at colour temperature of ca. 3,000 Kelvin during dusk. This created a festive evening atmosphere to accompany the unique alpenglow, which is created when the setting, reddish sun is reflected by the snow-covered summits.