Outdoor lighting that is fit for the future can do a lot of things that hardly anyone expects. Inspire, for example. Either with technology, lighting quality, design or smart features - or best of all with everything together. In our new TRILUX Talks on the subject of outdoor you can find out what is currently happening in terms of lighting technology on Germany's streets, squares and façades, and which solutions we have at the ready.

TRILUX Outdoor - the new digital potential of outdoor lighting

Digitalisation, Smart City, ecological lighting, Dark Sky - there are currently a multitude of exciting topics and trends in the outdoor sector. Stefan Metzner, Head of Outdoor Lighting Sales at TRILUX, explains in a short video talk where the market is currently heading, what constitutes efficient outdoor lighting - and why light management in outdoor areas is the first and most important step towards the future. Get smart and learn about the potential of digitalisation in outdoor areas, from public street lighting to private paths and car parks to atmospheric staging of facades. It's worth it.

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An incredibly versatile family - façade lighting with Skeo

The Skeo luminaire family is an extremely flexible modular system for illuminating and setting the scene for façades. It is available as a square (Q), rectangular (R) and cylindrical (Z) uplight and downlight, as well as a surface-mounted luminaire for wide-area lighting, optionally round (Circ) or square (Pura). Despite their versatility, all variants are recognisable as members of the Skeo family thanks to their stringently reduced design and high-quality die-cast aluminium frame. Matching the many different designs, the lighting technology can also be precisely adapted to the area of application. The result is uniquely attractive facades and outdoor areas. Fabio Granata, Product Manager Outdoor Lighting & Smart City Applications, presents the luminaire family.

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Jovie post-top luminaire - a smart and attractive affair

When it comes to municipal outdoor lighting, our goals are simple: we make cities more beautiful, safer and smarter with the Jovie pole luminaire. The robust luminaire made of die-cast aluminium ensures perfectly illuminated application areas, such as main roads, side streets, pedestrian crossings or car parks, with MLT-IQ lens technology and precisely fitting light distributions. Industrial factory roads and outdoor areas also benefit from the lighting quality of the post-top luminaire. Incidentally, the modern purist Bauhaus design won the German Design Award 2020, and the Jovie also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of future viability: The luminaire has two open Zhaga interfaces that can be used to implement light management or IoT applications simply by plug and play. Get to know the Jovie in a short video.

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The Invego wall luminaire family - excellent light in its flattest form

Allow me to introduce: the new Invego luminaire family, presented by Fabio Granata (Product Manager Outdoor Lighting & Smart City Applications). In addition to its high flexibility - it is available in three shapes and two construction sizes each - the luminaire family impresses with its extremely flat construction, excellent light quality (Ra>90) and an attractive design. This makes the Invego suitable not only for outdoor use but also for corridors, stairwells and the like indoors. The result: a uniform design across building boundaries.

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Ecological outdoor lighting – Consider light management, light colour and protection class!

Artificial light at night provides us with safety and orientation - but for insects it is an unnatural disturbance factor. Kai Bienkowski, lecturer at the TRILUX Academy, shows how the effects on flora and fauna can be minimised. First and foremost through clever light management that dims the lighting or only activates it when it is actually needed. Another important factor is the right light colour. The rule here is: the less blue light, the better. LED solutions with a maximum of 4,000 Kelvin are recommended, for example. They attract around 25 percent fewer insects compared to classic sodium vapour lamps. Also important: a high degree of protection that prevents insects from entering the luminaires. More details? Watch the video.

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