Sales Manager Major Projects

17.04.2018 | TRILUX Stories

Colin Bell

After 44 years in the Lighting Industry the time has come to hang up my lighting boots and swop them for walking boots and cycling shoes.  The lighting industry was unknown to me when I started my working life in a tannery but when I decided to broaden my career a lucky chance lead me to an exciting and challenging future.  During my 13 years with TRILUX I have worked in diverse sales channels and feel satisfied with the many projects that I have developed with my customers and colleagues. Lighting itself has changed with the advent of LED and I am now selling products that I wouldn’t have dreamed of all those years ago, and the future is moving even faster.

I will now be able to spend some time with my daughter, who is a keen equestrian and also concentrate on a family passion of cross-country cycling with my son, Tom Bell, who is competing at an international level and is gaining a European wide reputation, this will also keep a connection with TRILUX as they have a sponsorship agreement. 

My keenness for staying fit, led me to organise the annual TRILUX walk and galvanise all of my colleagues to tackle the hills and mountains around the UK. My wife and I will stay involved with this once I have retired, using the opportunity to keep in touch with my many friends in the TRILUX family.