A special light atmosphere in the AZ Groeninge auditorium

Flattery for architecture

Rooms with a unique identity are created where light and design ideally complement each other. This was achieved with the auditorium of the AZ Groeninge hospital in the Belgian town of Kortrijk. The lecture hall on the campus features a light atmosphere that follows the flowing forms of the compact building, ideally emphasising the architectural statement of the new construction.

The buildings on the university grounds are configured in a grid system, and short paths, concise lines and expediency characterise the area and architecture. With the auditorium curved forms have now been adopted on the campus that until now were completely missing.

The stone facade has been designed with vertically aligned bricks, and flowing wall patterns along with building sections of various heights provide a fascinating allure for observers. The new construction is intended to be a beneficial counterpoint to the more functional architecture of the remaining campus.

The convention centre features an auditorium with seating for over 230 people, and because the space is not sufficiently supplied with daylight the lighting design was considered to be particularly important during planning. The lighting should provide accents and ideal visual comfort and also feature requisite levels of flexibility. The TRILUX Group as lighting partner accepted the challenge.

The highly adaptable Stratus Vario VS from the TRILUX subsidiary Oktalite was focused on during selection. The discreet recessed spotlight with compact dimensions is ideal for the auditorium not only because of its attractive design but also thanks to high flexibility. The luminaire was installed in the building for both general and accent lighting purposes, and whether for lectures or presentations the systems always generate light with maximum efficiency and reliability. The installed light management system essentially contributes to the latter.

"In summary, it can be seen in the Groeninge auditorium that lighting design and architecture have flowed together to become a single unit," said a pleased Willem Dammers, Managing Director of TRILUX Benelux. A light atmosphere has been created that excels with several facets, as seen for example during lectures. "Our lighting concept is optimally matched to the presentation technology," continued Willem Dammers. "The public almost has the feeling of being in a cinema."

Visual comfort: despite low levels of daylight the room still has a bright and friendly appearance thanks to the flexible spots.

Soft shapes: the architecture is a welcoming contrast to the rest of the campus.

Discreet: the spotlights blend unobtrusively into the interior design.


  • Construction authority
    AZ Groeninge Kortrijk
    Kortrijk, Belgium 
  • Building
  • Architect
    Dehullu Architects
  • TRILUX product series
    Stratus Vario 155 VS spotlight from Oktalite, 120 units

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