Agira LED

a compact LED spotlight for maximum light sophistication

The challenge

Not everyone wanting to successfully sell their products has large display areas available. Lighting is a major factor when it comes to whether attractive, diverse goods displays are also successful in small retail outlets: luminaires must meet the diverse applications at the point of sale and also comply with the spatial surroundings at the same time.

The solution

The Agira LED recessed spot is ideal for both requirements thanks to maximum mobility: The luminaire can be horizontally pivoted around one axis, quickly transforming the spotlight into a discreet downlight for calm ceiling appearances. The Agira LED can also be rotated through 355 degrees. The result: light always radiates towards the target, whether this is a single product or groups of goods. Efficient segmented reflectors ensure maximum quality of light from any angle. With its small diameter, the spotlight is especially ideal in small shops with low ceilings.

The result

With the Agira LED, Oktalite provides store owners with a complete range of contemporary, high quality light even in limited spatial surroundings. The Agira LED emits both spatial and accent lighting and is ideal for a diversity of display methods, ranging from table displays and walls of goods to constructions and displays on figures.

Product and application images

Sophisticated: a spot and downlight in one

The spotlight is highly mobile for diverse uses at the point of sale: pivotable around one axis, the luminaire emits light at 30° to the right or left and can also be rotated through 355°, combining the benefits of a cardanic luminaire with a traditional recessed spot. When swivelled in, the luminaire functions as a downlight to provide a calm ceiling appearance.

Flexible: high quality of light from any angle

The luminaire is equipped with efficient segmented reflectors of Miro silver. These guide the light effectively to where it is required and also ensure optimum quality of light from any position. The Agira LED is also available with six different LED white light colours, enabling the right light atmosphere for any type of goods.

A slender form, a compact luminaire

With a diameter of just 130 mm, the luminaire is especially small and compact –ideal for use in small rooms with low ceiling heights.

Intelligent concept: extra protection if required

The recessed LED spot can be optionally equipped with a glass cover, providing additional protection from soiling.

Optimum illumination

The luminaire can be pivoted to the left or right by 30° and can be rotated through 355°. When swivelled in, the spot functions as a downlight for calm ceiling appearances.

Best light distribution

Thanks to the efficient segmented reflectors of Miro silver (spot, medium flood, flood), the Agira LED always optimally distributes its 4,000 lumen light from all rotation angles.

Complete white light spectrum

The Oktalite Agira LED is available in six different LED white light colours.

Slender construction

With a diameter of just 130 mm, the recessed spot is especially small and compact, making it predestined for rooms with low ceiling heights.

Optional accessories

The luminaire can be optionally equipped with additional protective glass for protection from soiling.

Technical features

Reference Value
Lumen class: 3,000 lm, 4,000 lm
System luminous flux: up to 3,680 lm
Connected load/efficiency: 3,000 lm: 28 W ; 4,000 lm: 36 W ; up to 107 lm/W
Service life: 50,000 h L80/B10
Colour rendering/-temperature: 2,700 / 3,000 / 3,500 / 4,000 K + Efficient Colour, CRI = 85 + Best Colour, CRI = 95
Electrical version: LED, DALI not as standard
Dimensions (L x W x H): rotatable 355°, pivotable 60° ; 150 mm, Ø 140 mm, recessed Ø 130 mm
Protection rating/safety class: IP20
Light distribution: Spot, Medium Flood, Flood, Wide Flood (WFL), Very Wide Flood (VFL)

Agira LED
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