Aragon Fit LED

pro-level efficiency, quality and intelligence

The challenge

  • economic criteria
  • increasing demands posed to quality of light, functionality, design and connectivity
  • special requirements in multi-storey car parks

The solution

  • significant improvements in quality of light and efficiency
  • lightning-fast refurbishment thanks to well thought-out installation and packaging concept
  • optics set system with a broad selection and a large number of variants for tailor-made solutions




Advantages in lighting design

Allow me: Your specialist for challenging environments

Aragon Fit LED was designed specifically for use in challenging surroundings. The luminaire is ideal e.g. for illuminating car parks, damp rooms in the food industry, canopied outdoor areas and areas with an adverse atmosphere. For areas of application where e.g. chemical cleaning agents are used, the luminaire is also available as an especially resistant CR version (chemical-resistant) made of polyamide.

Wide modular range of optics – always the right light distribution

Thanks to a wide selection of special optics and lumen packages, various applications can now be illuminated even better. Five optics are available, ranging from narrow to extremely wide distribution. There is also an asymmetric optic – perfect e.g. for payment areas or illuminating signs and posters in multi-storey car parks. An intuitively used comparison calculator minimises the effort involved in selecting and calculating the optimum number of luminaires.

A new luminaire for new standards

The new DIN 67528 standard for "Lighting in public car-parks and on public off-street parking spaces" has tightened the lighting requirements, e.g. regarding uniformity and glare control. This is no problem for Aragon Fit LED when fitted with the special car park optic.

Interchangeable components – less effort, more flexibility and sustainability

Thanks to the modular design, individual components of the luminaires can be quickly and easily exchanged. This enables particularly simple, low-cost maintenance and makes Aragon Fit LED extremely flexible: if the lighting requirements change – e. g. due to a change in use of the room – only the corresponding components need to be exchanged. The result: lower costs and greater sustainability.

Swivelling wall mounting – completely new possibilities

Aragon Fit LED is available with a swivelling bracket for wall mounting as an option to the classic ceiling mounting. This opens up new application possibilities, because areas that are challenging in terms of lighting design, such as stairwells, can thus be illuminated even more precisely.

SOF – special solutions in sight

Higher efficiency or longer service life? Special emergency light modules? Or intelligent IoT applications such as beacons or Wi-Fi repeaters? No problem at all: due to the high vertical range of manufacture, TRILUX can also manufacture weather-proof luminaires according to individual specifications if required. Quick, simple and safe.

Benefits during installation

If there are no control lines – dimming by radio refurbishment

Dimmable DALI luminaires require five-core control lines. If only three-core cables are installed in damp rooms, radio refurbishment via LiveLink SwarmSens is the alternative. In this way, the Aragon Fit LED can simply receive the control signals via radio without the need for complex conversion measures

Clipless mounting – fast and easy

Time is money. For this reason, the luminaire is supplied completely pre-assembled and can be mounted to the ceiling by the installer in a single step. Intelligent: clip-free mounting accelerates the installation process by up to 33 percent. This is also a visual gain, because the appearance is not affected by clips.

Packaging optimised – more time and less waste

On request, Aragon Fit LED can be delivered to the construction site in packaging-optimised containers. You can choose between a box of 15 or a pallet of 63, which are packed completely free of styrofoam. This accelerates mounting by up to 50 percent and reduces the amount of rubbish generated by up to 68 percent.

Multi-lumen – luminous flux adjusted on site

The Aragon Fit LED lumen packages can be flexibly adjusted on the control gear unit. This offers maximum flexibility for on-site installation. It also simplifies ordering and warehousing because only one variant needs to be stocked.

Advantages in operation

HE version – unprecedented efficiency in weather-proof luminaires

As a high-efficiency version (HE), Aragon Fit LED achieves an unprecedented energy efficiency of up to 180 lm/W. Simultaneously, the service life was extended to 100,000 h. The result: maximum reliability with uniquely low operating costs.

Outstanding quality of light

Aragon Fit LED scores points with its excellent quality of light. The light is pleasantly free of glare and with CRI90 ensures natural colour rendering – important, e.g., when used in the food industry.

A temperature specialist – created for extremes

For use in extreme temperatures, Aragon Fit LED is optionally available as an LT (low temperature) version for cold stores and as an HT (high temperature) version for particularly hot environments, e.g. in production halls or under hall roofs.

Dimmability – required, delivered

With dimmable sensor-controlled luminaires, energy consumption can be minimised – an option that was previously unused in many damp rooms due to the lack of control cables. This is a gap covered by Aragon Fit LED thanks to the radio refurbishment.


With LiveLink SwarmSens, luminaires can be networked easily and uncomplicatedly via radio. The high-frequency sensor integrated in the luminaire helps save energy and only switches the lighting on when it is needed.
Thanks to the intelligent networking of the luminaires, the light runs ahead intelligently and provides orientation

Network-capable – predictive maintenance

On request, the luminaires can be networked via LiveLink and integrated into the cloud. This enables particularly convenient control and monitoring of the lighting system, as well as services such as predictive maintenance.

Saving energy with control of small groups

Small groups, big advantage: with LiveLink, the luminaires can be combined into small groups. This enables very precise and energy-saving control via sensors: if a presence sensor detects a person then only the connected DALI group is activated, but not all luminaires in the room.

More safety and comfort – indirect light, direct benefits

The Aragon Fit LED variant with a translucent housing has an indirect light component of 15 percent. This not only increases safety and comfort. The brightening of the ceiling also brings more style into the rooms.

Flexibility – everything modified and exchanged in a flash

Optic, control gear unit, gear tray, sensors – thanks to the modular design, all components can be replaced quickly and flexibly even after the mounting process. This makes maintenance easier, offers maximum flexibility e.g. when the room is used differently, and is particularly sustainable.

CR version – masters even increased chemical exposure

Be it food or heavy industry: in some areas, there is particular chemical contamination, e.g. with oils or lubricants, which can present a challenge for the luminaire material. Also, with particular hygiene requirements, for instance when cleaning with aggressive chemical cleaning agents, material quality is essential. For precisely these environments, the luminaire is available as a CR version (chemical-resistant): Housing and diffuser are made of polyamide, which retains its material quality even with long-term use in challenging environments.

From consulting to maintenance – all from a single source

As a full-service provider, TRILUX is the central contact for lighting. With the broadly diversified and modular service portfolio, customers can place their entire process into the hands of TRILUX – and continue to concentrate on their core areas of expertise. Tailor-made special solutions are also available.

Winning in efficiency and service life

Its energy efficiency of up to 180 lm/W and a long service life (HE: L80 100,000 h tq 25 ºC; L80 70,000 h tq 25°C) make Aragon Fit LED highly economically attractive.

Overview Chemical resistance of material

Wide kit of optics

Aragon Fit LED provides tailor-made light in damp rooms thanks to its wide modular kit of five application-specific optical systems.

Flexible adjustment of luminous flux

The luminous flux can be flexibly modified on the luminaire's control gear unit. This simplifies and accelerates ordering and warehousing.

Quick and easy mounting

Intelligent details such as closing the luminaire without clips and optimised packaging ensure fast, uncomplicated mounting.

Refurbishment possibility – wireless networking

If there are no DALI control lines, Aragon Fit LED can also be easily networked by radio and controlled via sensors and the LiveLink light management system. This enables rapid refurbishment without interfering with the building structure. LiveLink SwarmSens not only helps to save energy. By networking the luminaires, the light runs ahead intelligently. 

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Easy exchange of components

Thanks to the modular design, all components, including the optics, can be exchanged with minimum effort. This makes maintenance work easier, and increases flexibility if the room use changes for example.

Technical Data

Energy efficiency up to 180 lm/W
Lumen packages 2.300 lm - 13.000 lm
Service life HE: L80 100.000 h tq 25°C
L80 70.000 h tq 25°C
Special LT/HT variants: -40° to +50°
Colour rendering / colour temperatures Ra > 80/ Ra> 90
4.000 K
6.500 K
HCL: optional
Light distribution P-W (wide distribution), P-N (narrow distribution), P-VW (very wide distribution), P-XW (extremely wide distribution), P-AW (asymmetric distribution)
Electrical version ET, ETDD, Mulitlumen, CLO optional
Protection rating / safety class IP 66
PC: IK08
CR (Polyamid): IK07
Sensor technology HFS, HFSB / HFSX
Control Swarm intelligence
LiveLink: control, monitoring + Special LiveLink Wi-Fi radio refurbishment solution
Luminaire colour Light grey, similar to RAL 7035 / translucent


Aragon FIT LED
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