The TRILUX Lighting Practice

extensive knowledge base of indoor lighting.

Indoor lighting

  1. Introduction
  2. Visual needs
  3. Need for orientation
  4. Non visual needs
  1. Guidelines
  2. Overview
  3. Work places
  4. Visual task area
  5. Surrounding area
  6. Illuminance
  7. Luminance distribution
  8. Limitation of glare
  9. Lighting direction, modelling
  10. Aspects of colour
  11. Flicker and stroboscopic effects
  12. Daylight
  1. Maintenance Factor
  2. Light and safety at work
  3. Light and non-visual effects
  4. Light and economy
  5. Light and environment
  6. Lighting design
  7. Lighting measurement
  8. Emergency lighting
  1. Lighting of traffic zones and general areas in buildings
  2. Lighting of industrial activities and crafts
  3. Lighting of offices and VDU workstations
  4. Lighting of design and CAD offices
  5. Lighting of sports facilities
  6. Lighting of health care facilities
  7. Lighting of geriatric care facilities and nursing homes
  8. Lighting of public areas
  9. Lighting of salerooms
  10. Lighting of educational facilities
  11. Lighting of traffic areas
  12. Lighting of car parks
  13. Lighting of further indoor spaces


  1. A
  2. B
  3. C, D
  4. F, G, I
  5. L
  6. M, N
  7. O, P, Q
  8. R
  9. S
  10. U
  11. V, W
  1. Standards
  2. Guidelines and instructions
  3. European directives and regulations
  4. Further publications

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