Industry 4.0 - Networked lighting

The world is becoming increasingly networked – and not only in domestic surroundings where the smartphone carries out ever more tasks. This trend is also progressing in the industrial sector, from data management and purchasing to controlling other devices. Such developments are summarised with the term "Industry 4.0". Industry 4.0 describes the combination of an intelligent organisation of components, products, production processes and people participating in this.

To set this up successfully, all relevant product features and processes must be taken into account. As a central infrastructure element, lighting plays a central role: intelligent, networked light must enable situation-related optimisation, precise controlling and open interfaces for other disciplines.





TRILUX thinks in terms of systems

This provides a solid basis for the needs of Industry 4.0: the connection systems for premium luminaires are very diverse, ranging from sensors and light management systems to cloud services. While TRILUX customers are concentrating on their own transformation to Industry 4.0, TRILUX is developing intelligent solutions that optimally integrate lighting into the networked future of industry.