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Quality of light, energy efficiency and sustainability: those who refurbish their lighting now invest in more well-being, greater safety and higher quality of life. In every application, TRILUX accompanies you through the entire process, from office to logistics, indoor and outdoor. Find out how you can benefit from a new lighting system, and why retrofitting is not necessarily a sustainable solution for your LED refurbishment. Find out why you shouldn’t wait any longer with your LED refurbishment – SWITCH NOW. SAVE ENERGY:

With an LED refurbishment you can achieve up to 85% in energy savings and improve the quality of light. Intelligent light management provides flexibility for the future. Efficient lighting solutions amortise in a short time.

Refurbish now and save!

Nothing to give away? Cut energy costs by up to 85 percent!


Net savings per year

Energy price

The example shown in the table is based on 4,000 operating hours per year, with a controlled operation of 500 lx. The calculated energy price for electrical energy is 0.40 €/kWh. The maximum available illuminance of 880 lx can be retrieved if required.

€ per kWh


Old system per year
New installation per year

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Why does a refurbishment with LED worthwhile?

Energy costs, lamp ban & sustainability

Save up to 85% in energy and greenhouse gases

Refurbishing conventional lighting to LED luminaires reduces energy costs by up to 76 percent, and in combination with light management the figure is up to 85 percent. Read more below.

Specifications of the Ecodesign and RoHS Directive

Lighting designers and operators are under pressure: following the sales ban on T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes, long-term supply of the required light sources can no longer be guaranteed.

Tailor-made light for maximum well-being

Unlike classic luminaires for fluorescent lamps, with suitable LED solutions the spectral composition of the light can be flexibly composed. The result: excellent quality of light, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and much more.

Ohne Quecksilber, mit Zukunft

Die RoHS-Richtlinie verbietet ab 2023 schrittweise das Inverkehrbringen aller quecksilberhaltigen Entladungslampen. Ein weiterer Grund für einen schnellen Umstieg auf LED-Technologie.

New rules of the game due to lamp bans

Bye-bye waster, hello LED!

Now it's getting serious: new EU regulations on energy efficiency (the Ecodesign Directive) and the use of mercury in light sources (RoHS Directive) make refurbishment with LED luminaires inevitable in the long run. The following light sources will no longer be available for public trading from 2023 onwards.

No longer on sale as of 25 February 2023

Compact fluorescent lamps without integrated control gear unit
Ring-shaped fluorescent lamps, T5

No longer on sale as of 25 August 2023

Tubular T5 fluorescent lamps
Tubular T8 fluorescent lamps

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Retro Fit vs. 1:1 Exchange

Fluorescent lamp out, retrofit-solution in, done?

In theory, retrofit conversion is quick and easy. In practice, however, the effort involved is often underestimated.

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Cutting costs with LED refurbishment

The LED refurbishment of lighting systems can be an effective way to save energy and upgrade to state-of-the-art technology. Modern LED lighting technologies allow you to significantly reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of light at the same time.

TRILUX offers the following LED refurbishment options which also simplify your building-specific planning:

1. New lighting concept based on all building-specific requirements
2. Direct replacement of old luminaires for economical LED luminaires
3. Design of customised solutions in line with heritage building or health protection requirements

New system

New design based on building-specific requirements with professional lighting design and light management.

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1:1 replacement

Replacement of existing old luminaires for professional LED luminaires at a ratio of 1:1.

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Individual solutions

Simple refurbishment, even under difficult conditions. 

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What do I use for the refurbishment project?

Just a few steps to the right LED luminaire for a 1:1 refurbishment

With our intelligent online refurbishment wizard you can find the right replacement product for your outdated conventional lighting in just a few steps. Even if you don't have all the data at hand, the tool guides you through the selection process. Why not give it a try right now?

The ideal refurbishment solution identified in next to no time.

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