Light Guarantee

1 year guarantee? We give you 5 years guarantee!

Welcome to the Guarantee Manager. The quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers is of primary importance to us. For this reason TRILUX provides a guarantee of 5 years. NEW: also without registration from 01.01.2018. The TRILUX guarantee is granted according to the guarantee conditions as of 01.07.2021 that you can see here or further below.

For projects commissioned before 31.12.2017, the following applies on a transitional basis to 31.03.2018: Register with the guarantee code on this page and secure our 5-year manufacturer guarantee for your products purchased before 31.12.2017 and installed in the EU.

What should you do to receive the extended guarantee for orders before 31.12.2017?

Each project is assigned its own guarantee code. You can locate the code on all corresponding invoices, and you must register it once only in the Guarantee Manager within a period of 90 days following the purchase date. If we confirm your request / registration, your guarantee claim increases to five years after the purchase date for all products supplied to the project.

What should you do to receive the extended guarantee for orders from 01.07.2021 onwards?

The guarantee comes into effect simultaneously with the purchase contract based on the applicable guarantee conditions. Registration is no longer necessary.

What should need to do if you identify product deficiencies?

If you see that a product does not have the usual high quality expected of TRILUX, report this fault to us. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail and the guarantee process is activated. Find detailed information about our extended guarantee claims in the TRILUX guarantee conditions.