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Customized light for the markets of tomorrow

DIY stores, electronics stores and specialist stores are a demanding task for lighting. Large and high sales areas with narrow aisles and a small, often changing range of goods must be perfectly illuminated and attractively staged at the same time. In addition, there are numerous areas beyond the sales areas, such as offices, parking lots, storage and outdoor shelving. TRILUX as a full-range supplier has the ideal solution for every area of application.

Energy efficiency and lamp ban

Dimmable LED solutions reduce energy consumption by up to 85 percent compared to unregulated conventional systems. In addition, with TRILUX refurbishment solutions, customers are well equipped for the upcoming T5/T8 lamp bans.

Sales promotion lighting

Light sells. Through perfectly staged goods and targeted customer guidance. Integrated IoT components help to better understand customer behavior, for example through monitoring services, location-based services and in-store analytics.

Quality as a unique selling proposition

Underestimated and yet so important: Excellent lighting quality and attractive luminaire design shape the shopping experience. Unique: Thanks to the manufacturing facility at the Arnsberg site, customized lighting solutions can also be implemented quickly and flexibly.   

Every market is unique

the right solution for every project

Construction market

Assortments, aisles and areas require predominantly homogeneous light with only a small proportion of accent lighting. Tip: LED solution with lighting management for high energy efficiency.

Media / Electronics

Light becomes part of the shopping experience and is used specifically to promote sales, for example through the highlight lighting of certain promotional areas. In addition to energy efficiency, high lighting quality, glare limitation and color rendering are important.


Tailor-made light with a high glare limitation and a high-quality luminaire design create a pleasant training atmosphere - for example, with Human Centric Lighting (HCL) to strengthen the biorhythm or by adapting the light color and light intensity to the different training areas.

Home and specialty markets

Small furniture, utility and design articles - with a controllable lighting solution, the wide-ranging, frequently changing assortment can be perfectly illuminated. Also required: High color rendering and an attractive luminaire design as part of the individual room concept.

Current industry topics

what moves the lighting market

Light management with LiveLink

Functionality up, costs down

Lighting management not only reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions. It also increases the functionality, comfort and transparency of the system. That's why it should be considered in a future-proof lighting system.

Energy efficiency

Sensors for daylight and presence detection minimize energy consumption, as do individually configured dimming levels and time windows. This saves up to 26 percent energy compared to uncontrolled solutions.

Quality of light

The quality of light makes the difference - future-proof solutions convince with high-quality homogeneous light, high glare control, natural color rendering and many other quality criteria.


The operating data of each individual light point is monitored and evaluated in real time via the cloud. This lays the foundation for innovative maintenance concepts such as predictive maintenance.

Human Centric Lighting

A plus for atmosphere and health: HCL solutions bring natural daylight into interiors through dynamic lighting control - and thus strengthen well-being and biorhythms.


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Our portfolio for DIY, home improvement and electronics stores

Due to their architecture, the sales concept and the many heterogeneous areas, DIY, home improvement and electronics stores place high, individual demands on the lighting. We have the perfect solution for every application.

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Our lighting solutions convince customers throughout Europe with the highest lighting quality, efficiency, smartness and future viability.

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