Parelia LED

Light in line with the architecture

The challenge

Modern architectural concepts demand lighting solutions that adapt to emphasise the individual room and building appearance. The lighting must also guarantee perfect work conditions in the office.

The solution

Parelia LED provides flexible yet universal lighting concepts. Thanks to its special construction and optical design the luminaire is totally glare-free from all directions and can be positioned centrally above the desk without causing disturbing glare on reflective surfaces such as tablets.. The high indirect light component ensures general lighting that meets the requirements of all standards and regulations, but more importantly, gives a soft, shadowless illumination.. Further features are the exclusive design with its light line on the side which works especially well in the continuous line format, perfect for challenging room concepts.



Saving energy

Advantages with lighting design

More attractive building design in harmony with the architecture

Especially with modern office architecture, the room impression and the view from the outside into the building interior are becoming increasingly important. It is here that Parelia LED offers new levels of design flexibility. The balanced shadow-free distribution opens up the room and avoids the stripes of light that are often seen.

Continuous line solution for challenging room concepts

As a continuous line, Parelia LED optimally illuminates even challenging room situations such as large office areas, open space concepts and workbenches. A further plus: the luminaire can be installed to suit either the desk arrangement or the design of the room.  

Glare-free light without reflected glare

Parelia LED with a length of 2.1 metres and its special light control is ideal for illuminating office workstations. With its high indirect component the light appears pleasantly uniform and glare-free. Thanks to its central part without a direct light component the luminaire can also be positioned above the desk without causing reflected glare on e.g. tablets and smartphones. 

Fewer luminaires, less effort

Parelia LED enables a small three desk office measuring max. 4 x 5 metres to be equipped with just one suspended luminaire instead of four recessed luminaires for illumination that complies with the latest standards. As a result there is room for further installations in and on the ceiling, and a calm spatial impression is created.

Modern design with a lateral light line

Parelia LED features a light line on its side that functions as a connecting element of the slender profile and unusual shape. This gives both the single luminaire and continuous line a uniquely unmistakable design appearance and brings together direct and indirect light without dominating the room.

Light management for modern office environments

If desired, Parelia LED can be quickly and simply integrated into a light management system (e.g. LiveLink) and controlled with the integrated sensor technology. Parelia LED is also available as an Active luminaire for individually controlling the light colour – ideal for modern office concepts aiming for especially high quality light via Human Centric Lighting and oriented to the needs of the user. 

Advantages during installation

Quick mounting due to fewer luminaires

With its length of 2.1 metres and high luminous flux of around 13,000 lumens, Parelia LED fulfils the lighting task of several single luminaires. Fewer luminaires per room means quicker and simpler installation.

Simple continuous line installation

Parelia LED is quickly and simply installed as a continuous line. Only the appropriate continuous line modules are connected together for this purpose – special connection pieces are not required. This simplifies through-wiring and further accelerates the installation. 

Advantages in operation

Low operating costs

With energy efficiency of 160 lm/W and a 50,000 hour service life (L80 at 25 °C), Parelia LED ensures continuously low operating costs. Because of the Parelia LED length of 2.1 metres significantly fewer luminaires are needed per room compared to lighting concepts with recessed luminaires; this contributes to a rapid period. 

Light for new communication tools

Parelia LED combines direct and indirect light components and achieves especially balanced, shadow-free light without reflected glare due to its outstanding lighting technology and optic. If the luminaire is positioned centrally above the desk, the work area is illuminated from the side because the central part of the luminaire has no direct light component. This prevents reflected glare on shiny surfaces such as tablets or mobile phone displays and also helps us to see the details of objects.

An exclusive, attractive design

Thanks to its exclusive luminaire design with the light line on the side, Parelia LED is a real eye-catcher – both as a single luminaire and continuous line. The rooms are given a modern and tidy appearance.

Individual light with Active versions

Parelia LED is optionally available as an Active version, enabling the colour temperature to be varied between 2700 K and 6500 K as individually desired via a light management system (e.g. LiveLink). These are ideal preconditions for modifying the light colour in accordance with natural sunlight over the course of the day and for benefiting from the advantages of Human Centric Lighting. 

architecture supporting

Especially suitable for building concepts in harmony with the architecture


No reflected glare from the direct light component even if installed centrally above the desk, and ideal for new communication tools


Glare-free light due to high indirect component of up to 80%


An attractive design with a lateral light line


Balanced shadow-free light without reflected glare
The unique design allows installations that work with the architecture
Continuous line-capable
High indirect light component of up to 80%
Long service life of 50,000 h (L80 at 25 °C)
High energy efficiency of 160 lm/W
Optionally with 3000 K or 4000 K colour temperature or as Active version (2700 K to 6500 K)
High glare control compliant to UGR19 for the illumination of VDU workstations
IP20 protection rating

Installation video

Trilux Parelia Continuous Line Assembley

Trilux Parelia Assembly Tutorial