Fitness clubs are no longer merely venues for intensive physical activity. They have evolved into attractively designed, large-scale training environments with a futuristic, modern ambiance. This transformation is particularly evident in fully automated centers like the Polish club, Just GYM Fitness. Currently, Just GYM operates 33 ultra-modern fitness clubs throughout Poland, relying on TRILUX as its lighting partner to maintain high standards of design, lighting quality, efficiency and intelligence. "We aim to deliver maximum quality to our customers in all aspects, from the equipment to the infrastructure. That's why TRILUX is solely responsible for the lighting in our clubs," explains Tomasz Joachimiak, Chief Operating Officer and member of the management team at Just GYM.


The right light for every area

One of the key challenges in the project was ensuring that the lighting not only provided optimal visual conditions for various training areas, such as the cardio room, the free weights area and the group activity room but also blended harmoniously with the dynamic and modern interior. Our comprehensive concept was successful. "The design and functionality of the luminaires were perfectly matched to the specific characteristics of each room.

The E-Line Next LED with prismatic optics gives the practice rooms a unique character. Other areas were equipped with Siella, Ambiella and Oleveon Fit luminaires. Overall, a cohesive and functional lighting concept has been developed, which harmonizes perfectly with the character of each room and can be flexibly replicated across different branches," summarizes Maciej Gronert from TRILUX Poland.

Smart solutions for 24/7 operation

Given that the clubs operate around the clock, the lights are always on. Even at night, if no customers are training, the lighting remains switched on to indicate that the club is open, albeit at a reduced illuminance level. Maximum efficiency and intelligence were imperative. This presented no challenge for our luminaires. They were networked with the LiveLink light management system and combined with sensors for presence and daylight detection.

New smart training worlds

In summary, our lighting has significantly contributed to the attractiveness and future-proofing of Just GYM fitness studios in three main ways. Firstly, it ensures optimum training conditions throughout the studio with high-quality, tailored lighting solutions. Secondly, it guarantees consistently low energy costs through maximum efficiency and smart energy management. Thirdly, the high-quality, minimalist luminaire design blends harmoniously into the modern architecture, creating uniquely attractive fitness and training environments with a high feel-good factor.