The partnership between VfL Wolfsburg and TRILUX has existed since 2012. However, the collaboration goes far beyond the lighting trade, as the Arnsberg-based manufacturer of professional lighting is also the first division club's official climate partner.

One current project: recycling the acrylic glass panes that were used as hygiene protection in various areas of the stadium during the coronavirus pandemic.

During the coronavirus pandemic, VfL Wolfsburg relied on TRILUX acrylic glass panels to protect its employees and guests with its hygiene concept.

A smart cycle - VfL Wolfsburg returns the acrylic glass screens that were used during the coronavirus pandemic to TRILUX for recycling.

Back with thanks: TRILUX recycles the acrylic glass panes that were used during the coronavirus pandemic.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many companies opted for a hygiene concept with acrylic glass screens to protect employees. Due to the high demand and restricted supply chains, there were soon supply bottlenecks throughout Germany.

TRILUX uses acrylic glass in the production of its luminaires - and was therefore able to provide companies in the region with acrylic glass panels quickly and easily. Now that the pandemic has been officially declared over, TRILUX and VfL Wolfsburg are scaling back the hygiene measures - with a firm focus on sustainability.

Seize every opportunity

TRILUX offered the companies the opportunity to take the panes back after use when they were delivered. "The careful use of raw materials is an integral part of our sustainability strategy - and is incorporated into every project," says Katrin Discher, Head of Sustainability at TRILUX, explaining the approach.

VfL Wolfsburg and TRILUX work together as partners when it comes to lighting and sustainability.

The same applies to VfL Wolfsburg. "On our way to becoming an even more environmentally and climate-friendly club, every step counts - and we are also taking every opportunity beyond the major strategic guidelines to become more sustainable," adds Nico Briskorn, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility. "We are therefore delighted to have TRILUX at our side as a great partner in our sustainability efforts."

Shredded, melted and reused - the recycled acrylic glass panes are turned into new luminaire covers.

TRILUX collected the acrylic glasses panes from VfL Wolfsburg in a concerted campaign. The panes were shredded, melted and used to produce new luminaire covers, which are now delivered to customers. First-class quality meets exemplary sustainability.