Imagine you could travel 111 years into the past, back to the year 1912 when the company was founded. What would you like to do?  

Since I'm a big fan of ships and cruises, I would have been surely fascinated by the Titanic, as it was not only the largest passenger liner but also the largest ship in the world when it was launched in April 1912. To stand in front of this ocean giant, which was then advertised as unsinkable, to walk its decks with all the comfort and the latest technology – that must have been fascinating. With today's knowledge, I would have only observed the ship, of course. 

What is your personal "Where there is light, there is life" moment? 

My personal "Where there is light, there is life" moment occurs whenever I have the opportunity to meet all my colleagues at once, which happens at least once a year. It's a special moment when we gather at summer parties or Christmas celebrations to exchange ideas and learn from each other. These moments of collaboration and knowledge sharing are what excite me about my work. 

In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the first practical light bulb for illumination purposes. In your opinion, what has been the most important or beautiful invention since then?  

During one of my vacations, I had the unique pleasure of visiting the house where Thomas Edison lived and worked. It was fascinating to be able to enter the building, now converted into a museum, and simultaneously immerse myself in the world of this legendary inventor associated with so many groundbreaking innovations. The diversity of his inventions, from the light bulb to electrical power generation, is impressive. Since then, a lot has happened. There are many creations and discoveries, most of which undoubtedly have their merits. I find it difficult to single out a specific one. 

You are allowed to wish for a project on this anniversary. What have you always wanted to illuminate? What do you choose? 

Answering that is not so easy. What I prefer is working on a project that involves a specially designed custom light fixture. The entire development process for this is truly impressive, and it goes through various phases. From the initial concept to refinement, planning, and finally production and installation, each step requires creative and technical considerations to ensure that the fixture is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional for the specific project.