Arnsberg/Kitzbühel, January 2024 - Once again, ski and sports celebrities, VIPs and winter sports enthusiasts gathered in Kitzbühel for the legendary Hahnenkamm Races on the Streif, this year. As the official lighting partner, TRILUX traditionally provides lighting for the KITZ-RACE-Club, a 4,000 m2 pop-up location near the slopes, set up especially for the duration of the races. As in previous years, TRILUX used the event to showcase the most exciting innovations and trends in the lighting market and to inspire with customized smart lighting.

The Hahnenkamm Races from from January 19th to 21st, 2024 , were one of the highlights of the ski season. Every day, around 1,200 guests gathered in the temporary two-storey building to enjoy the sporting event up close against a breathtaking natural backdrop, relax, recharge their batteries and network. Perfectly coordinated was the TRILUX lighting concept. "As we redesign the lighting for the KITZ-RACE-Club every year, visitors can look forward to many innovations that reflect the diverse possibilities in the lighting market," explains Joachim Geiger, CSO and CMO of TRILUX. A prime example is a new outdoor luminaire from TRILUX Manufaktur that perfectly combines decorative and functional elements.

New TRILUX manufactory luminaire 

Premiere in the Alps

The manufactory luminaire developed with Jack be Nimble is a smart outdoor luminaire and light sculpture in one: minimalist, elegant aluminium luminaire heads sit on gently curved stainless steel poles, ensuring a perfectly illuminated outdoor area with tailor-made, high-quality light.

At their side are decorative lighting elements reminiscent of palm fronds that glow iridescently thanks to dichroic foiling - in the sunlight during the day and with integrated LED lighting at night. In Kitzbühel, the luminaire had its premiere in icy temperatures of up to -20°C: two specimens stood guard at the entrance to the KITZ-RACE-Club and welcomed visitors.

Eight areas, eight disciplines  

demonstrating what's possible

TRILUX equipped eight different areas in the KITZ-RACE Club with customized and smart lighting, from the bar to the lounge to the chalet on the upper floor. Everywhere, TRILUX demonstrated the potential of lighting today with award-winning luminaires, excellent light in daylight quality (HCL) and smart control with the LiveLink light management system.

Above the Red Bull Bar, approximately 60 luminaires from TRILUX Manufaktur floated seemingly weightlessly in small "cloud clusters" under the 8 meter high ceiling. This concept for this was created in collaboration with Graft Architekten, while Schatz Lichtdesign and the TLD planning group carried out the design and development. The lighting installation impresses as a smart, interconnected swarm that reflects the dynamics of the races with atmospheric plays of light and shadow.

In the KITZ-BEAUTY-Club, guests could choose between three lighting scenes (ski slope, makeup artist, KITZ-RACE-Party) to perfectly match their makeup to the event and the time of day. And sculpturally arranged So-Tube LED lights created a futuristic atmosphere in the staircases.

In short, there was a lot to discover and experience, not only in terms of sports and networking, but also in lighting technology. A tip for anyone who wasn't in Kitzbühel or is curious to learn more is to visit one of the many TRILUX competence centers and showrooms in Europe or at Light + Building. Or in 2025 in Kitzbühel at the KITZ-RACE-Club.