Workplace lighting goes beyond the legally required number of lux per square meter. It has a significant influence on employee satisfaction and a company’s ecological footprint. These factors are also fundamentally important for WITTCHEN S. A. TRILUX provided the Polish luxury brand’s headquarters, consisting of office, logistics and warehouse areas, with high-quality, efficient light. The result was the best working conditions, low power consumption, and the acquisition of important energy efficiency certificates.

WITTCHEN is one of the leading suppliers of exclusive leather clothing, accessories, and suitcases. The company's headquarters and distribution center are located in Palmiry, near Warsaw. From there products are shipped to customers all over the world. To create a comfortable, inspiring working environment and reduce CO2 emissions, WITTCHEN embarked on a comprehensive modernization of the lighting systems throughout their site, relying on TRILUX’s lighting expertise.

Comprehensive lighting modernization

The collaboration began in 2017 with the development of a lighting concept for WITTCHEN's new 3,000 square meter office building and outlet. In addition to high lighting quality for employee satisfaction and safety, an attractive luminaire design and high energy efficiency were mandatory. A total of 544 TRILUX lighting solutions were installed in the offices, including our award-winning Solvan Flow pendant luminaires, which create an elegant appearance for the interiors. The outlet was equipped with 60 Canilo track spotlights to optimally showcase the luxury manufacturer’s exclusive products.

WITTCHEN was extremely satisfied with the implementation, so TRILUX was also involved in the subsequent project phases. Almost 300 E-Line NEXT LED linear lights are installed throughout the new 8,500 square meter logistics center. With energy efficiency of up to 190 lm/W and a service life of 70,000 hours, these guarantee permanently low operating costs and also score highly in terms of lighting quality. The customer also opted for E-Line NEXT LED in combination with Mirona Fit LED high-bay luminaires and Deveo Fit LED moisture-proof luminaires for the refurbishment of its warehouse. All luminaires in the warehouse are controlled via the TRILUX LiveLink light management system.

"Throughout the implementation of the various phases, we continuously addressed challenges. We met the client's needs by proposing solutions that would be attractive to them as an investor in the long term," explains Marcin Szymanski, Project Manager at TRILUX.

Impressive results

The project’s results are remarkable. Thanks to the lighting modernization in the warehouse and the implementation of a lighting control system, both lighting quality and electricity consumption were improved, with a reduction of 120 MWh per year. Due to the proven energy efficiency, WITTCHEN received Energy Savings Certificates , which enabled an even faster return on investment. The reduction in peak power consumption also made it possible to set up a dedicated charging station for electric vehicles on the company premises for public use.

"We are a demanding customer who values the quality of the products and services we receive. When evaluating potential lighting suppliers, various factors such as product quality, punctual delivery, competitive prices, and technical support were taken into account. TRILUX met our expectations," says Hubert Pienkowski from WITTCHEN, who is pleased with the cooperation.